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Female sexual cycle and Tantra

According to ancient Tantra texts, a woman’s natural rhythm is to ovulate with the full moon and menstruate with the new moon. Also, each phase of the moon is linked with one aspect of the goddess, incorporating 16 goddess aspects in all. A man studying the way of Tantra would meditate on the woman’s Yoni, observing the effect of the goddess cycles in her energy, and thus learning to fall in tune with the whole of creation.

If women could learn to tune into and live according to natural cycles, what a relaxed, joyous, and loving world this would be… For the woman is the custodian of time, the seasons, and the rhythm of life. Her body is the clock that sets the whole world in motion; with her rest the secrets of birth, life, love, and death. This is why ancient societies respected and revered the feminine.

In our society, women are in the process of regaining the feminine power inherent in the moon’s cycle. According to ancient Indian scriptures, humanity is currently at the end of a long cycle of ignorance known as the Kali Yuga, which will be followed by a new age of wisdom and enlightenment.Because we are still cocooned in the Kali Yuga, we stumble over the programming of previous generations. One example of this is that many women are not in touch with their moon cycles, and do not know when they are ovulating, when their sexual desire is at its peak, or when they simply need nurturing. Many women have sex only to receive a little tender touch. They may go for orgasm aggressively when their bodies are not asking for it, just to experience some relief from tension.


Women’s bodies have become confused, due to unhealthy eating habits, or through medication that upsets hormonal balance, such as the birth control pill. This prevents the woman experiencing the wonder of her body as it progresses through her natural cycle into a synthetic replica of the real thing.
An unhealthy lifestyle also has a disastrous effect on the menopause, which nowadays is treated  as if it is a disease. Instead of looking forward to this time of liberation and wisdom, women dread it as a painful and debilitating passage into defeat and old age. In societies where women eat a balanced diet and older women are respected, menopause is an easy and natural transition into the full moon of life. Freed of the responsibilities she may have had when younger, the woman has the opportunity to become playful and serene at the same time.

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