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RIG VEDA: First Mandala

(1) MAHO ARNAHA SARASWATI PRA CHETAYATI KETUNA | DHIYO VISHWA VI RAJATI ||                                                             ...

DHIYO VISHWA VI RAJATI ||                                                                    -------------(3/12, Rigveda)

Only education can help us to understand the knowledge of the universe, which is alike, an ocean. It enlightens everyone's minds.

It is because of education that one can absorb knowledge. The best method to imbibe maximum knowledge is reading and self study and as a result of knowledge, the mind becomes enlightened. We should regularly study books having a lot of knowledge because it is through study only that the mind is filled with good thoughts, that inspire us to seek good company which is equally beneficial in acquiring knowledge. This is the sure way for growth of the mind and also to acquire eternal happiness and peace.

(2) ASMANTSU TATRA CHODYENDRA RAYE RABHSTHAVAHA TU VIDYUMNA YASHSTHAVAHA ||                                                                                        ---------------(9/6Rigveda)

O radiant! Inspire the diligent and the successful only to yearn for wealth.

Those who are industrious and successful only, earn wealth. Those who try, definitely acquire wealth. One who is having, their aims fixed are the ones who are prosperous, wealthy and successful. They should realise that efforts never go in vain.

(3) ELA SARASWATI MAHI TISRO DEVIRMAYO BHUVAHA BARHIHI SEEDANTVA STRIDHAHA ||                                                                                               -------------(13/9, Rigveda)

The 3 goddesses Earth, Saraswati and Vani are the givers of happiness who never become less. They are seated on their seats.

One should regularly worship your motherland, the basic culture and the mother tongue because they are givers of happiness. That person who has a humanistic approach towards his land, civilization and Vani realises the greatness and he acquires all the happiness. He should indulge in those types of deeds that make the motherland, the culture and language proud.

(4) GARHAPATYEN SANTYA RITUNA YAGYANIRASI ||                      ---------(15/12, Rigveda)

The householders who can do good work only if he remains like seasons.

If a person (householder) moulds himself alike a season and indulges in the Karma of householder then only shall he acquire happiness. One should understand the meaning of seasons and should love his family. As a result he shall benefit monetarily and materially. A householder who practices restraint in taking care of his family only shall acquire family happiness and achieve higher social status.

(5) DEVAN DEVYATE YAGYA                                                                      ---------(15/12, Rigveda)

A person who desires godliness should worship gods.
A person who desires godliness should respect scholars. By doing so they can attain some knowledge and can be inspired to do good Karma. By attaining godliness one shall be blessed with happiness and growth.

(14/4, Rigveda)

May all our energies become one and may all the good thoughts come together and may we become the greatest amongst the mighty.

Scholars who are intelligent, valiant who are brave, and businessman who donate food, if come together and have no difference of opinion then the nation shall grow.

The intelligent on the basis of their knowledge shall become mighty and great as a result of the fusion of food and energy.

(7) YASMADRUTE NA SIDDHYATI YAGYO VIPASHRIT SHRANA SA DHINAM YOGAMINVATI ||                                                                                                      (18/7, Rigveda)

May that divine knowledgeable person inspire us without whose inspiration the knowledgeable does not attain complete knowledge.

Without the blessings of the knowledgeable even the knowledgeable shall cease to attain complete knowledge. It is knowledge only that enlightens our mind. It is well known that, the president of the league of scholars himself is very knowledgeable and it is this authenticity which proves that the knowledgeable has attained total knowledge.

Only scholars can decide whether the knowledgeable has imbibed complete knowledge or no.

(8) DATA RADHANSI SHUMBHATI |                                                            ---------(22/8, Rigveda)

The sun, the giver of all Siddhis (powers) is rising. The rising sun is the giver of Energy, heat and is the giver of all powers. In the same way you also alike the rising sun (Sun God) give all equal knowledge and inspiration by which we benefit. Alike the energy and heat of the sun which beneficial, you also can realise the importance and be blessed by happiness and prosperity.

(9) SADYO DASHUSHE KSHARASI                                                           ------------(27/6, Rigveda)

You bless the donor instantly with wealth.

One who donates definitely gets something or the other in return. By imparting knowledge there is a rise in knowledge. So one definitely benefits by donation. Only after giving does the feeling of gaining something come to the mind, By performing Karma we do Shram Dan meaning donation of hard work. The benefits or returns of hard work are relative to the good or bad deeds performed, which one shall definitely gain sooner or later.
(10) TVAMAGNA URUSHANSAAYA VAGHATE SPARHA YAD REKNAHA PARAMAM VANOSHITAT ||                                                                                                      ----(31/14, Rigveda)

You give good and anticipated wealth to those who worship, praise you with devotion.

When a person chooses a deed and performs it  with devotion, he as a result of that benefits accordingly. He who yearns with mind and soul for his aim or goal, attains totality and attains his objective. In true worship a good objective is priorly determined and accordingly good Karma is performed to result in its fruits.

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