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U.S President Barack Obama With Indian Hindu Traditional Dancers

Don't Ignore
Hindu-Americans have the highest socioeconomic levels among all religions in the United States, according to a new study by the Pew Research .

* 36% NASA's scientists are Hindu.* 38% Doctors of America are Hindus
* 34% Officers of Microsoft are Hindus
* 28% Officers of IBM are Hindus
* 17% Officers of Intel are Hindus
* 48% American-Hindus have Post-graduate degree. And the rate of divorce is very low.
* 48% Hindu-American's monthly income is more than 1,00,000 american dollar. 52%'s income is at least 75,000 dollar.
* "Yoga" became the part and parcel of America's learned society.
* 24% Americans have believe in re-birth, law of Karma etc. 

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Prof: Koti Madhav Balu Chowdary

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