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Why Despite Clear Intelligence Inputs Indian Mujahideen Attack On Bodh-Gaya Couldn’t Be Averted?

July 8, 2013; Bodh-Gaya, Bihar: The repeated arrests since of Indian Mujahideen terrirists in Bihar since last few months didn’...

July 8, 2013; Bodh-Gaya, Bihar:

The repeated arrests since of Indian Mujahideen terrirists in Bihar since last few months didn’t knock the inexistent brain of our politicians intoxicated in the pro-Muslim communally inclined Indian version of secularism. The little dirty brain our ministers didn’t take notice that after the Indian Mujahideen spine was broken in Azhamgarh at the Batla House encounter in Delhi, their next module was set up in Bihar, viewing the political advantage they can gain from the area.\

On 7th of August when the cocks and hens in their colonies just started waking people u, they plaotted bombs, 9 of which exploded in the Mahabodhi Temple complex in Bodh-Gaya, Bihar. Yes, the temple which was established by the great Ashoka in the memoryof Lord Budha who received his Moksha here, was shaken by the bombs plotted by Indian Mujahideen. 4 blasts took place inside the temple complex; one at the Budha temple, next Tara (Kali Mata)temple, next Karmapa temple and then Bodhibriksh tree. 3 blasts took place at Gargi Monastery, 1 near the Buddha statue and the 9th near the tourist bus outside complex. The bombs exploded in duration of 2 minutes each. 2 live bombs, one timer and one gas cylinder was found. Total 5 were injured among which 2 were foreign monks. NSG, NIA etc reached the attack site ASAP.

Rapid political statements came in but one thing startles the corridor of power. The attack was not a surprise, it was imminent and there was clear intelligence on the attack. Since the Muslim community in Mumbai, followed by rest of the nation started showing their “patriotism” to India by vandalizing the martyr’s monuments, because of the Buddhist-payback to the Muslim rapists in Myanmer who raped Buddhist women and mutilated them, it was clear that they were planning to attack local Buddhists. Maqbul Bhat, the main accused of the Pune German Bakery blast, who is now under custody of the Delhi Police also revealed the IM plan to strike the local Buddhists center. The input was forwarded to the Bihar Police. The Intelligence Bureau also submitted its own assesment confirming the threat. Last week the IB reported the presence of two IM terrorists in Patna and issued their sketches. Just the day before the attack the National Investigative Agency issued sketches of 12 terrorists among whom those 2 also were placed. One belonged to Samastipur area of Bihar and the other named Amir Reza Khan belonged to Bodh-Gaya itself. Ubelievable, but true, just 3 days ago a mock drill was conducted by the security agencies. So the attack was imminent and the agencies were advanced enough to thwart the attack. Yet it happened. Why?

The bigtalkers like Nitish Kumar and Shinde, the great have now started chattering about how the mishap has been done and explaining their own “preparedness” and condemn and all mumbo jumbo. The cantral Home Ministry has asked Bihar Govt. to explain why desite clear intelligence, the attack could not be averted. Here lies the hypocricy.

You can have strategic inputs pinpointed in advance, you can have not just sketches but also the photographs of the culprits, you may have the secret access to their communication, you may have your secure mole in them, you can even conduct a mock drill 3 days ago the attack, yet there is no guarantee that you can avert the attack. You know why? Because the bloody system will not let you do so and your head will roll either you kill the terrorists or get your people killed by them. The chatterboy, double standard hypocrite central home ministry is now barking about the failure of security. Do they have moral rights for this?

What the hell these politicians think of the covert operatives? Are they James Bond with white trophy girls and 22nd century gadgets? No, they are just like the other men with flesh and blood, with best training and emotions but not at super-human level. They can keep watch on the terrorists but that doesn’t guarantee that the operation will be flawless. But our politicians want to keep the terrorists safe untill they carry out a blast. They want to be the role model of justice by not punishing the culprits for the crime they are planning to do, since they are yet to do that, but they have no sympathy to the innocent victims who are punished by the terrorists for the crime they don’t know! That is why whenever a terrorist carries out attack, their community barks that terrorists have no religion and corrupt politicians join the chorus but when the same is captured, he becomes a minority who is being captured only for that. The corrupt politicians reach their house and donate their family envious amount of cash reward and ask the sacking of the security officers involved in eliminating the terrorists.

Remember the Ishrat Jahan encounter? While the attack on Bodhgaya was being executed, our govt agencies were busy glorifying Ishrat Jahan, the Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist who was assigned to murder the Gujarati CM Narendra Modi. The IB reported it and the state police acted rapidly and in an encounter Ishrat Jahan and her 4 companions were introduced to the jihadi-brand Jannat where Ishrat is probably serving any jihadist as a divine whore called Hoor as promised in the holy jihadist scriptures. But after the encounter the Muslim-appeaser political community pounced on the patriotic police officers and some of them had to go behind the bars on the charges of fake encounter. This is how the police are demoralized.

When Ishrat was encountered, the very next day the mouthpiece of Lashkar-e-Taiba, “Taiba Bulletin” declared Ishrat as martyr. Various official documents confirmed her terror profile. Even Mohammed Daood Gilani a.k.a David Coleman Headley also confirmed her as a terrorist. Yet there is no relief for the patriotic police officers who sent them to hell. Oops, they sent them to Islamic paradise, full of former terrorists each surrounded by 72 virgins. The Muslim-bootlicker Govt, politicians, media and agencies’ problem is not that she is a terrorist, their problem is why she was killed before she executed her assignment! Why the hell she wasn’t allowed to murder Narendra Modi, that is the main problem of those shameless people. This is the mindset of the political, media community and shamelessly this has been the mindset of the common mass too, only misguided by them. If one thinks that with such a sick mindset one can tackle terror with a lot of inputs, he is just waiting for another bomb blast in which some of his own flesh and blood will be lost.

We have been hypocrite. We must know that the day when we have started shading crocodile tears for Ishrat Jahan and our blind hatred to Modi sponsored by Congress in particular and self-acclaimed secular political parties and media in general, we digged our own grave. The same strategy is back to haunt us. If agencies would be given a hit order to eliminate those terrorists before they eliminate the civilians after they receive their hit orders from their Islamic masters. The day we prepare ourself for that, we can expect safety.

Look how fate slaps back. When in May 2012, the Karnataka DGP arrestd Mohammed Khalif, the mastermind of Bangalore Chinnaswamy blast, Nitish Kumar condemned the arrest and cried foul to please the Muslim community. Thus Bihar emerged as the safe haven for Indian Mujahideen for its political sympathizers, and now the same jihadists have started their terrorism at home. Like charity, terrorism bgins at home. And now when Nitish is blabbering, see their intense urge to cover up jihadist activity, the local MLA put the charge on Maoists. I am not justifying the Maoists, they are just next to the Jihadists in their anti-Indian stance. But in this case the IM involvment is glaring. The day we can wipe out these bloody politicians, we can expect safety. None saves none, safety depends on your own action.

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