My name is Ambaa, 

My name is Ambaa, born Carolyn, and I've identified as a Hindu for about ten years now. My background is somewhat unusual, I guess, in that despite being of European ancestry, I had Indian philosophy, transcendental meditation, and Sanskrit chanting and calligraphy as part of my life growing up in America. I didn't realize any of that was Indian until I was older. It was just what we did. My parents discovered Advaita philosophy in the 70s before I was born. They didn't see it as necessarily Hindu (but as simply Universal Truth), but once I was in my twenties I was trying to understand my beliefs and find a spiritual community when I had the realization that I was already Hindu and I always had been. I began to expand my practices and became familiar with Indian Hindu culture. It immediately felt like home to me. I was so comfortable with it!

Advaita Hinduism makes sense to me in a way that nothing else does. I can't imagine not believing exactly as I do! From reincarnation to the divine within, it just seems to me like it could not be any other way. I think Hinduism is a wonderful path, a very clear and direct path to Truth, but I try to respect that it is not right for everyone (perhaps they are just not ready for it yet!) I'm so grateful to have Hinduism and I dedicate a lot of my life to exploring its philosophical concepts and working to purify my soul and aim for samadhi.



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