Significance of Achamana

Significance of Achamana

Moisten Your Mouth – Significance of Achamana

While praying or worshipping continuously, our mouth becomes dry. Lack of water can further result in various other diseases. Therefore, to prevent us from several other problems and moisten our dry mouths, the persist or mother provides us with water before and after the prayer.

Clarity of Speech – Significance of Achamana

While reciting mantras or worshipping, vibrations produced in the voice box are responsible for speech. Hold your tongue with your hand and try pronouncing anything. Isn’t it difficult? It is the main element of speech. With the Tongue getting dry, it is extremely tough to pronounce words, hence would result in disorganized speech. To maximize clarity of speech, we get water from time to time in between the prayer. Therefore clarity of speech is another sign of achamana.

Optimizes Energy

Water is a significant resource. When you are tired and sleepy, aren’t you told to drink some water? Do you know why? Water helps in gaining the lost energy. It provides oxygen to various parts of the body and helps us gain awareness. So, to prevent you from sleeping in between the mantras, your mother offers you some water. This is another sign of Achamana.

God’s Gift

If you have noticed clearly, the cup of water during worshipping, contains TULASI leaves. TULASI is God’s gift. It has various health and mental benefits, starting from curing cancer to reducing stress. After praying to your idol god, you get God’s return gift, that is, a spoon of water. So these were some of the significance of Achamana.

A video demonstrating Achamana being performed in a squatting posture.

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