Exposing the Jihadi fraud of Sai Baba alias Chand Muhammad!

Exposing the Jihadi fraud of Sai Baba alias Chand Muhammad!
Exposing the Jihadi fraud of Sai Baba alias Chand Muhammad!

Hindutva leader launches campaign against Sai Baba temples in New Delhi.

New Delhi: Campaign against Sai Baba temples  by Hindutva Groups.

Against SaiSoham Singh Pal | HENB | New Delhi | May 31, 2022:: Launching a  campaign to debunk the myth about Sai Baba alias Chand Muhammad under the pretext of an “awareness campaign”, against Sai Baba temples and idols in New Delhi.  The Delhi-based Hindutva leader Sanjeev Bhati has warned the priests of these temples to remove the idols from there or face consequences. There are many Hindutva groups who are supporting the campaign against the fraud of Sai Baba.

A video has surfaced on various social media where the right-wing leader, surrounded by his “followers” is heard lecturing, “We are starting an awareness campaign against all Sai temples. Initially, we will talk nicely to them. If they do not listen, then they will have to face our ire. We will go there with hammer and chisel and destroy Sai idols to throw away.”

The campaign against Sai Baba created a new spate of controversy in the social media platforms by and large. Until recently, Bhati was rigorously fighting “love Jihad” and “triple talaq”in Delhi region with some fringe Hindutva groups.

But, the matter of Sai Baba has turned an important issue since Dwarka Peeth Shankaracharya Swaroopananda Saraswati made it clear that Sai Baba had no place of godliness+ in Hindu Dharma as he was a cryptic Muslim with an agenda to mislead the Sanatan Hindu people in many ways.

As per authentic biography, Sai Baba was a son of a Pindari Muslim who used to loot Hindus and participated in the groups of British spies. Sai Baba devoted his whole life to mislead Sanatani Hindus from its original faith  indulging them in many anti-Hindu activities.
__Inputs from Agencies & TTH News.

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