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UGC decolonizes history curriculum, gives impetus to the idea of Bharat and Indus Saraswati Civilisation

UGC decolonizes history curriculum, gives impetus to the idea of Bharat and Indus Saraswati Civilisation
After a long hiatus, the history curriculum of the B.A. The history course is all set to be overhauled with the UGC releasing the new Learning Outcomes-based Curriculum Framework.

This is being seen as the first attempt to decolonizing Indian history and finally getting rid of the stranglehold of Marxist historians.

The new curriculum is a completely new approach to learning history from an Indic perspective and the idea of Bharat. The new syllabus gives more impetus to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. But the most significant change is the use of the term “Indus Saraswati Civilisation”, in place of Indus Valley Civilisation which is a clear attempt to finally bust the myth of the now-debunked Aryan invasion theory.
Also, the new syllabus will include “Indian perception of Dharma and Darshan” and “Science and Technology in Ancient India”. It also includes Indian Literature of Ved, Vedanga, Upanishads, Epics, Jain and Buddhist Literature, Smriti, Puranas, etc.

However, the most irksome change UGC has made for the undergraduate program is that the glorification of the Mughals as great administrators has now come to an end.

Earlier, atrocities committed by invaders were brushed under the carpet or justified in order to make history subscribe to secular credentials. However, with a separate section to discuss the ‘impact of Muslim rule in India’, it is being seen as a step towards truth and reconciliation.

More historical information on the Rajputs and how the Mewars, Marwar, Jats, Sikhs and Bundles resisted the Mughals find a place in the revamped curriculum.

Another important aspect is that the Vijayanagar Kingdom gets its due recognition with an entire section for its invaluable contribution.

Other welcome aspects include the inclusion of Indic historians like Rakhaldas Bandyopadhyay, Jadunath Sircar, R C Majumdar, and C V Vaidya which will give students a broader view of history.

After a long time, the UGC releasing a curricular framework will provide a wide perspective of this great nation’s history and is now receiving its share of appreciation and criticism.

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