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US Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard admits to being a victim of Hinduphobia; Says ‘Hinduphobia is very real... political leaders & media foment it’

US Representative from Hawaii and a Presidential candidate for the 2021 US elections, Tulsi Gabbard took to social media to share her views on rising Hinduphobia in America. On March 5, Tulsi shared a post of an Indian-American Hindu girl who had shared her traumatic encounter with an Uber Driver in the US. Reacting to the post, the US Presidential Candidate said that its unfortunate but Hinduphobia is real and that she too had experienced it during her election campaigns.
While sharing another tweet on biased news and anti-Hindu propaganda, Tulsi in her post said that this was just one example of what Hindus face every day in the US.
Tulsi Gabbard, one of the three candidates left in the Democratic presidential nominee race, went on to say that the political leaders and media in the United States not only tolerate Hinduphobia but also foment it.
The anonymous Indian American girl whose post was first shared by one Dr. Sheenie Ambardar was reshared by Tulsi. The girls post has mentioned about her shocking experience with Uber in America saying that she was targeted for her religious and ethnic identity by Uber driver, only for being a Hindu. The Uber driver had accused Hindus of killing Muslims and destroying Mosques.
The girl then tried to clarify his accusations and explained that it was not true as both the communities had suffered losses. But the angry driver asked her to get down of his car. Dr. Sheenie Ambardar who shared the experience, called the incident unfortunate and said that blatantly biased news & anti-Hindu propaganda has real-world consequences for innocent people.
Tulsi's admission of Hinduphobia in US was met with angry reactions from the Left and Islamist brigade which bordered on abuse. While some called her as 'Hindu Nationalist' as if that is a crime, some abused her as 'fascist' and her tweet as bullsh*t. She was asked to get out of the race (for President) by one abusive user in a racist tweet.

An Indiafacts report released in 2019 had documented both systematic and episodic violations of human rights, including sanctioned discrimination against Hindus. 
The key highlights were that religious freedom conditions of Hindus continued to deteriorate in India and in many countries across the world. Foreign reports on India compiled by organizations such as the Amnesty and Human Rights Watch excludes Hindus from their study, says the report. The report aimed to address the systematic violations of the human rights of Hindus by the state through discriminatory laws.

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