Jihadi mob attacks Hindu homes in Bhainsa, Telangana - 18 houses belonging to Hindus burnt and properties looted

Local Muslim youth were enraged after elders admonished them for rash driving and using foul language. Came back with a large mob and attacked.
VSK Telangana - 13 January, 2020: In a case of deliberate, largscale violence, a Muslim mob attacked members of the Hindu community and looted and burnt their property in Bhainsa town of Nirmal district, Telangana, on Sunday.

As the Muslim mobs went on a rampage, 18 houses belonging to Hindus were burnt and properties were looted. The mob also pelted stones at police who rushed to the spot.

The trouble began when a Muslim youth was admonished by elders for his rash driving and for using abusive language against the residents of Korba street, Bhainsa town, according to local people.

Keeping this in mind, the Muslim youth returned with a mob of around 400-500 Muslims after 9 pm, and started violence by burning parked two wheelers and pelting stones on residents. The mob also cut the water pipes of fire engines which rushed to the spot to extinguish the rapidly spreading fire.

It has been reported by locals that the mob has exclusively targeted houses belonging to members of Hindu Vahini organisation and went on a rampage with criminal intent.

In this violence, eight police personnel were injured. As per the latest reports, section 144 has been imposed in the town. Internet and phone services are also reportedly not working.

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