Communal elements throw meat and animal carcasses on the road to desecrate the sacred ‘Thiruvabharanam’ procession to Sabarimala

Communal elements throw meat and animal carcasses on the road to desecrate the sacred ‘Thiruvabharanam’ procession to Sabarimala
Communal elements threw meat and animal carcasses on the path of the procession carrying ‘Thiruvabharanam’, the sacred jewelry to be adorned on the idol of Bhagawan Ayyappa Swami of Sabarimala temple during Makar Sankranti-Makaravilakku ceremony.

In a bid to defile the sacred procession, anti-social elements dumped meat and animal carcasses on the traditional route of the procession, Mandiram-Vadaserikkara road, yesterday. Hours before the procession reaches the spot, a group of devotees, led by Panchayat members, rushed there and washed the road. The incident has prompted widespread shock and outrage among the Hindus across the state.

An order had already been issued by the Panchayat Secretary, banning the sale of meat and fish along the road until the procession passes over. Decrying the order, several Islamist-Communist followers were seen protesting on various social media platforms. It is believed that the members of the same intolerant communal group dumped meat on the road.

With the connivance of local governing bodies, several unauthorized and unhygienic meat-fish stalls are functioning in this area. Earlier, the owners of the meat stalls alongside the traditional route to Sabarimala used to observe a shut down during the pilgrimage season, especially during the sacred procession. Since a majority of meat sellers do not honor the procession and refuse to shut down their stalls for the last few years, this year the Panchayat was forced to issue an order in this regard.

The three-day 'Thiruvabharanam' procession, started from Valiya Koyikkal Sree Dharma Sastha Temple, Pandalam on Monday, will reach Sabarimala on January 15. The procession began from the Pandalam temple after witnessing the ‘Sri Krishnaparunthu’ (Brahminy kite) on the sky above the temple at 1 pm.

'Thiruvabharanam' is the sacred gold ornaments of Bhagawan Ayyappan, the presiding deity of Sabarimala temple. These ornaments were made at the orders of the Pandalam King, who adopted Ayyappan as his son. Three caskets are used for carrying Thiruvabharanam, pooja utensils, and special flags to Sabarimala. They are the Thriuvabharana Petti (sacred ornaments casket), the Velli Petti (silver vessel casket), and the Kodi Petti (flag casket). The Thiruvabharanam procession takes a traditional route to Sabarimala, covering a distance of 83 km on foot. The boxes are being carried on the head by 12 people. Traditional receptions are accorded to the procession at the major temples situated along the route to the Sabarimala.

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