When did faith called the Hindu Religion evolve?

Racial and ethnic groups
Racial and ethnic groups
There were several tribes belonging to many racial and ethnic groups. There were two or more parallel forms of practice that were in existence. The earliest known Indian civilization is the "Indus Valley Civilization." It is said to be in the years 2500 BC or maybe earlier. They worshipped many Deities. They followed a set of religious rituals and prayers in large congregations. There were many similar groups of people in other parts of ancient India, including areas of West Asia and Southeast Asia. Some of them, who were referred to as "Dravidians", prayed to Images and marker stones and in small buildings in congregations.

There were said to be several wars, invasion, and occupation by many tribes of hunters and farmers. Some of them are referred to as "Aryans" in history. Aryan means "noble" or "good". They had different religious faith and practice including some rituals around the fire, in the open air and Time, rhythm and natural forces were their main object of prayers. These two forms of faiths merged over the years evolving the Vedic and Agamic forms of Hindu religious practice. However, there was never an "Aryan Invasion."

The earliest period of Indian history is called the Vedic Age, roughly starting from 2500 BC or much earlier, till 560 BC. This is again subdivided as the age of Manthras, age of Brahmanas and age of Upanishads by secular historians. The second period, during the Mauryan Empire from 560 BC to 200 BC, is the age of Vedanga and Kalpa Suthra.

Then from 200 BC to 300 AD, till the rise of Guptha Empire, is the age of the Epics. The period from 300 AD to 650 AD is the age of Puranas, Agamas, and Dharsanas and the period 1000 AD is the age of the later Puranas. The Bhakti movements started at this time and continued until the 18th Century. The last four centuries saw the decline and renaissance of Hindu religious practice under the Moghul and British rule.
___By: Bala N. Aiyer

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