Lord Balaram Jayanthi - Birth of Lord Balarm

Lord Balaram
Lord Balaram
Lord Balarama’s beauty is enhanced by the earrings touching His cheeks. His face is decorated with tilaka made from musk, and His broad chest is ornamented with a garland of gunja. Balarama’s voice is very grave and His arms are very long, touching His thighs

The birth of Balaram
Balaram, the symbol of power, was Lord Krishna’s elder brother but also considered as the obedient son, the ideal brother and an ideal husband. Pastimes of Shri Krishna are so great that meditation towards Balaram goes very little. But Shri Krishna used to respect him a lot. The story of his birth is also quite exciting. It is believed that was the seventh child of mother Devaki but since Kansh had a strong eye on every child of Devaki so it was very difficult to avoid them. The news of the defection of Devaki’s seventh pregnancy spread, but in reality, Devaki and Vasudeva, This element of the pregnancy were transferred in the womb of the first wife of the Vasudeva Rohini. But the problem was that husband is in captivity, then how come Rohini get pregnant? People will ask questions, so to save people from slandering, Balaram was sent to Nand Baba’s place soon after birth.
Lord Balaram & Lord Krishna
Lord Balaram & Lord Krishna
Some Specific Pastimes of Lord Balarama:
  1. Balarama slays demon Dhenukasura
  2. Balarama kills Pralambasura
  3. Balarama was always glorified by Krishna
  4. Yamuna Devi was chastised when she did not give way for Balaram
  5. Kauravas chastised when they had captured Samba
  6. Balarama marries Revati
  7. Balarama became angry at Bhima for killing Duryodhana by trickery but was appeased by Sri Krishna. 
  8. Killing of Romaharshana for not representing Vyasdev properly.
The mercy of Lord Balarama
Lord Balarama exemplifies the service attitude to Krishna. His only mission is to please Krishna by rendering service to Him, whether it is in the creation of the material worlds, maintaining the spiritual world or as His personal paraphernalia.

Lord Balarama is the eternal companion of Sri Krishna. He came as Lakshmana with Rama and later as Nityananda Prabhu with Caitanya Mahaprabhu. He is the original spiritual master, and anyone desiring to make spiritual progress must first get the mercy of Lord Balarama. Directly we cant approach Krishna, only through Balaram, we can approach supreme Lord Krishna. Spiritual master represents the true representation of Balaram. Thus by following the instructions of a spiritual master and by pleasing him, we can get the grace of Krishna.

How Lord Balaram is the original spiritual master? 
Now, to have to endeavor to make the right choices sometimes is difficult for some people and for that Lord Balaram provides this strength through spiritual master. This strength can be simply achieved by following the spiritual master instructions and being humble and respectful to Spiritual Master.

How Lord Balaram is the embodiment of service attitude? 
The natural mood of Balaram is his service attitude. Lord Balaram is the only personality who serves Lord Krishna thought all the five rasas of services that one can offer to Krishna.

How Lord Balaram pastimes are filled with sweetness? 
Balaram, though he is one of the personalities of Krishna, is most of his pastime, he did completely opposite to what Krishna desires. We find that Lord Balaram added flavor to different pastimes of Krishna and it cannot be understood with logic but only with love.

Balaram Jayanti, Halashashthi, Harchhath 
On  Chhath, Balaram Jayanti is celebrated on the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapad month in the various parts of the country. According to religious texts, it is believed that on this day Lord SheshNag had descended in the Dwapar yug as Lord Krishna’s elder brother. This festival is also known as Halhshashthi and Harachhath.

It is known by various names in other states like Rajasthan, it is known as Chandra Sashthi in Gujarat, and Baldev Chhath known as Randhan Chhath in the Braj region. Lord Balram is worshiped as the incarnation of Shashnag, which is known for bed always with Lord Vishnu in the Kshir Sagar.

As it is believed that the main weapon of Balaram Ji is the plow and the pestle, due to which he is called Haldhar, this festival is also called Halshashthi. It is considered special significance to eat food, vegetable, etc., which are grown without soil on this day. Consumption of cow’s milk and curd is also considered taboo on this day. Also, the wives also keep fast for getting children.

Hare Rama Hare Krishna

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