Humans Existence and Hindu Belief

Humans Existence and Hindu Belief
“Hinduism” which is over 7000 years old is not a monolithic system.

All theories about the origination of the universe were speculative. There are dozens of different theories of cosmology - the oldest being the Hymn of creation from the Rig Veda (nāsadiya sūktam). There are about three different creation hymns in the Rig Veda.

Sankhya which is the oldest system of philosophy posits a primordial duality of consciousness (puruṣa) and matter (prakṛti) which consists of three forces (guṇas) centrifugal, centripetal and a harmonizing force. It has both material and psychological components.

The universe goes through vast periods of evolution and involution in a pulsating schema.

Vaisheshika has an atomic theory of the emergence of the universe with the atoms or particles being eternal.

Both Sankhya and Vaisheshika are non-theistic in their approach.

Tantra has a couple of theories of universal manifestation based on sound (Sonic cosmology) the primordial sound being OM. There is also a theory of emergence from a singularity known as BINDU. Again a pulsating Universe.

The Puranas have more Disney-world like theories for the common folk with a creator God Brahmā and his creative exploits. There are several different versions of Brahmā’s projects.

So when surveying all the different theories of cosmology under the umbrella of Hinduism we have absolutely no trouble in accepting the modern theories of Quantum Mechanics.


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