What attracts you the most on Sanatan Dharma? - By: Sofiya Rangwala

Sanatan Dharma means the Eternal Truth. The meaning itself is so profound and beautiful, that one cannot help but get mesmerized and feel curious to explore its philosophies.

There is a difference between knowing and realizing the Truth.

What is the Truth?
Eternal Truth
The Truth, which is Eternal, is that I am a Soul and hence I am immortal.

All religions preach this philosophy, in various manners but only two actually ask you to go within and realize it by yourself - Sanatan Dharma and its offshoot, Buddhism.

So actually Buddhism shouldn’t be counted since it’s a refined adaptation of Sanatan Dharma. In fact, all religions are in one way or the other inspired by Sanatan Dharma! This makes Sanatan Dharma the Mother of all religions, which embraces all philosophies and hence allows absolute freedom, to seek God in any which manner, a person desires to do so. Hence, any person who has a mind that likes to think for itself, and does not like to follow, will naturally gravitate towards Sanatan Dharma.

The reason that got me attracted is, that Sanatan Dharma allowed me to Realise who I am, the Eternal Truth that I am an Eternal Immortal Soul. When one Realises, there remains no doubt and then one is free of all attachments and bondage of worldly affairs. One then begins to live life effortlessly and in surrender, knowing that a Power greater than the egocentric human self is at play and taking care of everything. One also remains aware that life is transient and the world is a platform for experiences, hence good and bad times all become just the same. This is the power that comes with Self Realisation and only possible when one begins to go inwards and Realises the Self in the absolute stillness of the mind. On the contrary, so long as one follows established doctrines like all other religions offer, the mind will continue to rule and will remain unstable in its faith in Divinity; as in all these cases, the mind is just knowing the Divine and is not Realising.

Freedom in Sanatan Dharma
Women Freedom in Sanatan Dharma
Freedom in Sanatan Dharma:

The kind of freedom Sanatan Dharma provides, no other religion provides you such freedom.
  • Sanatan Dharma has no rigid system and no compulsion to follow any ritual. You are free to live life as you want.
  • You are free to worship God either in forms (in the form of idols/pictures) or without form (by meditation).
  • No problem at all even if you don't believe in god because Sanatan Dharma is only religion to consider Atheism (Nastika) as it's part (Charvak Philosophy founded by sage Brihaspati).
  • Sanatan Dharma is one of the most liberal religion because it allows you to worship those things on which your existence depends such as Sun, River, Trees, Animals, etc. This is one of the ways to thank them for giving you life.
  • Sanatan Dharma is only a religion where women are worshipped because they are the mother without whom the universe cannot sustain.
Sanatan Dharma has not anything against people of other faiths/religions. Infact it's scriptures are highly philosophical with great teachings on Karma (righteous deeds), Dharma (righteous duty), Sarva Dharma Sambhav (all faiths are one), Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam (World is one family), etc. All these teachings teach us the importance of coexistence, secularism, tolerance, and humanity.

God in Sanatan Dharma does not frighten you to burn in hellfire to make you follow them or worship them. Instead, they provide you full freedom to use your own wisdom and then decide whether you should believe in God or not.

One has to go beyond the mind to Realise. So, why would I not get attracted to Sanatan Dharma?

I took the green pill (which Neo takes in the movie Matrix) by embracing Sanatan Dharma :-)

By: Sofiya Rangwala
Energy Medicine healer, (Former Dermatologist)
Certified Yoga Teacher

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