Rishikesh: Russian Deputy PM Yury Petrovich Trutnev visits Parmarth Niketan ashram


Rishikesh: Russian Deputy PM visits Parmarth Niketan Ashram

Rishikesh (Uttarakhand) [India], June 17: Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Yury Petrovich Trutnev arrived with his wife at the Parmarth Niketan ashram and held talks with Swami Chidanand Saraswati and Doctor Bhagwati Saraswati regarding the work being done by the organization at the global level.

He was also informed about the Ganga Action Parivar, International Yoga Day and Kumbh Mela amongst other things at the ashram.

Swami Chidananda said that India and Russia have maintained strong political, military and economic ties and now there is a need for the two to work together on the environment, global warming and other conservation fronts.

Trutnev had earlier served as the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment of Russia for eight years from 2004 to 2012.

Both parties also expressed concern about the condition of Ganga, other Indian rivers and Volga, Don and other rivers in Russia which are suffering from increasing levels of pollution.

Swami Chidananda said that the growing levels of pollution in rivers was a cause for global concern. He added that the natural resources are being used at an alarming rate and therefore it is important that countries join hands to ensure the future of the countries is safe.

The deputy Prime Minister was gifted a Rudraksha plant by Swamiji and they also took part in a water blessing ceremony to pray for adequate water supply to all countries globally. __ANI

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