Arsonists set fire to murtis at #Hindu temple in Trinidad

Vandalised: Pundit Manideo Persad of the SWAHA Shree Ram Dhaam temple shows some of the murtis that were set on fire by intruders at the temple in Diego Martin yesterday.
ARMED with bolt cutters and a flammable liquid, three men burned part of the Shree Ram Dhaam Hindu temple in Diego Martin yesterday morning.

Their actions were captured by CCTV cameras in the temple.

The fire they set torched several murtis (religious statues of deities) on the compound.

Speaking with the Express yesterday, SWAHA Shree Ram Dhaam’s founder and spiritual leader, Manideo Persad, said the incident had left him saddened and confused.

He said after reviewing the CCTV footage, it appeared that the suspects were aiming to set the temple on fire.

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