Why Christian missionaries were a threat to Hindustan?

According to the Indian public point of view, each and everyone in this world is Hindu, the reason for this is nearly 2500years back there were no religions like Christians or Muslims,

Christianity and Muslim came into existence just before 2500years as per my guess, but in Hindus, we have many old temples which are 9000 years old and even older than that, so this shows Hindu is one of the oldest religion (Hinduism is not a Religion, It is The way of Life) and everyone followed

Hindus are the soft target without much backlash. Moreover, Hinduism never believes in mere numbers. That is why it needs no propagation. The only religion in the world which weathered and unperturbed with numerous attacks from foreigners for over centuries is Hinduism. Hindu religion is not an administrative religion like Christian/Muslim. There are no clear leaders to issue Fatwa/edict to the followers.

The only problem with Hinduism is the inequality among its sections. Christianity thrives only on it.

How do they do it?
Creating a deceptive stage shows where gullible people are made to believe that their poverty or miseries would end if they started believing in the “True God”

Some paid actors act as if they are possessed by the devil but a pastor cures them immediately with a healing touch.

A lady claimed that her backbone is broken, both her kidneys have failed and she can’t even stand without support. A pastor heals her within 5 minutes with the magical touch and she starts running (5 min video - here)
One person claimed that his “one leg has become shorter than the other”. The pastor takes the name of Jesus and grows the leg so that they become equal (2 min video - here)

Creating Fear – People are told that Hindu deities are monkeys and elephants – they are “fake Gods” and won’t protect you – The “True God” would take away their pain and misery if they converted to Christianity

The dedication and obsession of missionaries to spread Christianity run deeper than most people realize.
In 2018, John Chau, a 26 years old missionary from the USA lost his life in India’s Andaman islands.
In 2018, John Chau, a 26 years old missionary from the USA lost his life in India’s Andaman islands.
In 2018, John Chau, a 26 years old missionary from the USA lost his life in India’s Andaman islands. Some of these islands are home to Sentinelese tribe that has avoided any contact with the modern world till today. They are a protected tribe and under Indian law, it is illegal to visit that island.

He bribed some fishermen to take him there and broke Indian law by approaching the tribe but thought he was protected by God. He wrote in his diary that - “The Milky Way was above and God Himself was shielding us from the Coast Guard and Navy patrols”

Unfortunately, he was killed by bows and arrows when he approached them and even his body could not be recovered. The excerpts from his diary later revealed that he carried “waterproof Bible” and some other gifts because he wanted to “declare Jesus” to those people. It must be noted that the total population of the Sentinelese tribe is only 50 to 100 people.

Mother Teresa is known for having dedicated her life to helping the poor in India. However, Christopher Hitchens wrote in an essay titled “The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice”, that the Missionaries of Charity had a conversion agenda too.

According to Mr. Hitchens, they were encouraged to baptize people on their deathbeds surreptitiously. Susan Shields, a former member of the order, told him that Sisters were to ask each person nearing death if they wanted to 'go to heaven'. A yes was to mean consent to baptism. The sister was then to pretend that she was just cooling the patient's head with a wet cloth, while in fact, she was baptizing him, saying quietly the necessary words. Secrecy was important so that it would not come to be known that Mother Teresa's sisters were baptizing poor Hindus in India.

Develop Anti-national sentiments among Tribals
After the Indian BJP government enacted anti-conversion law, missionaries started manipulating tribals in the name of pathagarhi. They want their own constitution in their villages. If this happens missionaries can regain ground in tribal villages. In Khuti the pastor of the church is leading Pathalgarh and in Singhbhum region, a government teacher Joseph Purty was leading the campaign. The movement gained huge momentum in mid-2018 and tribals and CRPF was about to fight wars. But fortunately, the situation was controlled. This pathalgarhi is still a matter of concern in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh.

Involved in Human Trafficking
This was new for many of us but we are aware of these activities. Whoever here wants a baby contacts missionaries nuns. But now we have proofs against them.
This was new for many of us but we are aware of these activities. Whoever here want a baby contacts missionaries nuns. But now we have proofs against them.
Tries to consume local beliefs and religion
White-Red saree is considered very auspicious in East India. Tribals also consider it pure. Generally, goddesses in East India are shown in this attire. But this statue shows Mary in this attire and with baby Jesus tied in a cloth in tribal style. Thousands of tribals have marched to this church and finally forced the church to remove this statue. This was a tactic to fool tribals by representing mary as a tribal lady and Jesus as a tribal god.

Dirty healing process
Pastors conduct healing ceremonies where they bring patients with them who do drama and people think the pastor is doing a miracle. The way this actress dance and perform drama is very ridiculous. Some innocent tribals think that Pastor is doing a miracle and became their follower and then they are converted to Christianity.

There are a lot of things done by missionaries. No one knows what they will do next. They are very cunning. But one more irony is that the Jashpur which was a fort of missionaries became the birthplace of Gharwapsi. Raja Sahib Dilip Singh Judeo is known for his gharwapsi camps across Chhattisgarh. The members of the erstwhile royal family of Jashpur has reconverted a large population of Christians in Jashpur. Jashpur Kings is the father of Gharwapsi, they were the first to begin this. See the video if you can tolerate the drama.

Indic religions inherently believe in modern and liberal principles like “God is same, people over the world call it by different names” hence they do not go around asking people to follow their religion. However, Missionaries tend that only their God is the “True God” and it is their religious duty to increase the number of followers
  • As per the published data from the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, by the year 2000, there were 5400 missionary agencies who send about 440,000 missionaries to foreign countries for evangelizing and proselytization.
  • Half a million missionaries represent only 0.02% of the total global Christian population (2.5 billion)
  • However, lakhs of missionaries pursuing India as their target for many years has been sufficient to make significant demographic changes in parts of India specially the states in North East
  • Census data shows a rapid increase in followers of Christianity in the 10 years period from 2001 to 2011.
  • Meghalaya (70% increased to 75%)
  • Arunachal Pradesh (18% increased to 30%) – in 1971, it was less than 1%
  • Nagaland (80% increased to 90%) – in 1951, it was 52%
  • Manipur (34% increased to 41%) – in 1961, it was 19%
  • In the same period, the Hindu population in Nagaland has declined from 14% to 7%
  • In Manipur, Hindus being converted to Christianity has brought Hindu and Christian populations to equal proportion at 41% each. In 1961, it was 60% and 20% respectively
  • In 2016, Russia implemented Yarovaya Law - parts of this law banned all missionary work (defined as spreading information about one's faith to make non-members join) outside of any places of worship
  • This curbs the practice of forced / deceptive conversions while allowing freedom to pursue only willful religious conversions
  • It would be appropriate if the Government of India - recognized large scale religious conversions as a real social issue and bring laws banning proselytizing similar to the Yarovaya law in Russia
All these things are not at all funny and are to fool poor Hindu people so that they convert. We should know that the Christmas tree and the star on the Christmas tree were not Christian symbols but symbols of Celtic like faiths of Europe. They were like Hinduism who prayed nature and other symbols. Now the Christmas tree and star are considered to be Christian.

So basically, missionaries are doing a lot of harm to India and # Hinduism. Their charity work is just to hide their hideous and cruel side.

The Bible Lies:
  • If Christians could fabricate DEC 25 as the birthday of Jesus then why is it so hard to believe they invented the crucifixion story as well?
  • Ignorance is when you believe a pastor who says "shun worldly things" yet the same pastor lives in a $10m mansion complete with private jets
  • Bible contradicts itself. Genesis 32:30 states: "For I have seen God face to face".Yet john1:18 states: "No man hath seen God at any time"
  • The bible claims Jesus lived a "sinless life". Yet the same bible gives no account of his life between age 12-30.
  • The biblical ten commandments were stolen from the Sumerian myths of Hammurabi(3000bc) in which the god Yahweh replaces the sun god Azazel
Conclusion Jerk:
The Vatican is worth over $50bn in gold bullion. Half of this wealth alone could wipe out world poverty for good


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