Vedic knowledge could strengthen the nation’s future

Study of the Vedas and its literature like the Mahabharata, Valmiki Ramayan, and the Upanishads among others,  reveals that the status of women was held in the highest esteem, based on her regular course of conduct of the Vedic knowledge. In this regard, the example of Sita can’t be ignored. Based on her Vedic knowledge, she alone protected herself from Ravan. Kunti, the wife of Pandu, though became a widow at an early age, her knowledge of the Vedas, allowed her to maintain ‘brahmacharya’, nurse and facilitate the learning of the five Pandavas.  Also important to note is that king Janak’s acharya bal bahmacharini Gargi showered Vedic knowledge on the King.

At the time of the birth of a child, a Rigved mantra preaches that the child must be made to listen to Vedic richayein (ved mantras). The children must be nursed in a manner that when they grow up they can listen and preach ‘ManuhuBhav’ i.e. they become capable to think deeply over Ved mantras and other worldly educations. The Rigved stresses that it is the duty of the parents to ensure that the child gains the said qualities and becomes a person of good moral character and conduct, and should always be engaged in religious and worldly pious deeds. However, the said tradition is not in vogue now.

In Vedas, God has preached the king and his ministers to arrange for imparting Vedic education to the public, especially women. In today’s time, it is unfortunate that the politicians, who as per the Vedas were expected to be learned, are ignorant and hence this has given rise to various problems in the country.

Vedic school
Today, since there is no acknowledgment of Vedic knowledge, women suffer and are suppressed in all aspects of their lives. Several gangs trade and involve women in immoral activities. Heinous incidents of rape with women and minor girls have been increasing. Several societies and the so-called ‘ashrams’ of saints are involved in exploiting women. Though early marriages have been controlled to some extent, its roots have not been destroyed completely. Cases related to the ‘MeToo’ campaign are astonishing. Women have been insulted and abused based on the grounds of caste.

No doubt that several governments have been tying, since independence till date, to rectify the scenario but all has been in vain. This is due to the lack of Vedic knowledge among people. Therefore, the study of Vedas and saints’ writings reveals that until the fundamental law of Vedic culture is studied by all, respect among men and women would not be established.

It has always been the duty of the government to ensure that Vedas are taught in schools and universities to strengthen the future of the nation as it was in the previous yugas. Consciousness in the matter is requested to the government and all other intellectuals.

By: Swami Ram Swarup Ji Yogacharya

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