Baba Barfani ji has appeared in Amarnath cave and Yatra will start in this month

Baba Barfani has appeared in Amarnath cave and soon Amarnath yatra will start this year.

According to the Amarnath Shrine Board, the journey will be 46 days and it will start from July 1. This journey will start from Anantnag district's traditional Pahalgam road and Baltal Marg in Ganderbal district and will run till August 15. The registration of those who want to visit this journey started from April 1 and the registration charges of this journey will be in 100 rupees. People from Punjab National Bank can take the form related to the registration of this trip.
Baba Barfani has appeared in Amarnath cave 2019
Baba Barfani has appeared in Amarnath cave 2019 
A number of strict arrangements are being made regarding the Amarnath yatra and the security around the international border of Jammu and Kashmir's Line of Control has been tightened. Police and army are meeting from time to time to ensure the safety of the passengers coming to Amarnath so that they can not make any mistakes in the safety of the passengers.

Every year, in the Amarnath cave, the ice is made of Shivling and people from all over India come to Jammu and Kashmir to visit this Shivalinga. According to this legend, Shiva ji had narrated the story of Parvati's mother to be immortal, according to this legend that a story is associated with this Shivling of ice in the Amarnath cave. It is said that at the behest of Parvati mother, Shivji had agreed to tell them the story of being immortal, and Shiva chose Amarnath cave to recite this story so that no human and living beings could hear this story.

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