Muslim Only' Schools & Hospitals, Free Power For Mosques: Anti-Hindu accessed on the Congress Manifesto

Congress On Appeasement Overdrive In Telangana: 'Muslim Only' Schools & Hospitals, Free Power For Mosques Promised

Yet another controversy has triggered for the Congress party, ahead of the crucial assembly elections in poll-bound Telangana. A day after UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Congress chief Rahul Gandhi's visit to Telangana, Republic TV, on Tuesday, has accessed the Congress Manifesto which is scheduled to be released by the party next week, during Rahul Gandhi's rally in the state. 

In the manifesto, the Opposition party has made sensational promises attempting to appease Muslim ahead of the elections.

Stated on Page 49 and 50 of the manifesto, the party has made seven benefits for the Muslims and other minority sections in the state, including financial assistance up to Rs 20 lakhs for poor Muslim students in schools and free power supply to Mosques and Churches. 

Here are the seven promises made by the Congress party catering to the needs of Muslims:
  • Minority youth will be given special consideration in government contracts
  • Poor Muslim students will be provided with financial assistance up to Rs 20 lakhs
  • Special residential schools for Muslim students
  • Special Urdu DSC for Minorities ( District Selection Committee for the recruitment of teachers) will be announced
  • Hospitals exclusively for Muslims will be established
  • Strict legal action against private firms which refuse employment on the basis of religion
  • Free power supply to Mosques and Churches
Retaliating to the shocking resolutions made by the Congress party to appease the minority sections of Telangana, BJP leader GVL Narasimha Rao has hit out at the Congress party stating that this is 'height of appeasement politics.' 
"There is a competitive race between the TRS and the Congress party to appease the minority vote bank. Now Congress party wants to make separate Hospitals for Muslims. This is high of appeasement politics. People of Telangana want development for all and not for one particular section or other."
Earlier on November 11, Congress manifesto in Madhya Pradesh has stated that RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) shakhas will not be allowed in any government buildings and premises if the party comes into power.

Prior to this development, the Congress came under the light of controversies when Republic TV accessed the video of Madhya Pradesh Congress chief Kamal Nath resolving to use the Muslim card in the upcoming assembly polls in the state. In the highly controversial video, the senior Congress leader asserted that 'only the Muslim votes can make the Congress party win'. 
"If we did not get 90% votes of the Muslim community then we will face a huge loss. We have the numbers. You know where the Muslims votes. You have to take care of where those votes were cast. If we have received fewer votes then what are the reasons behind it. You have to postmortem the reasons behind it," Kamal Nath can be heard saying in the clip.
Source: RepublicTv


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