Why Politics is a Samsaric activity?

On Politics.

Politics is a Samsaric activity. It’s full of ignorance, greed, and hatred. It’s ruled by passion and delusion.

A good yogi, therefore, abstains from politics as much as possible. The sanyasin renounces it as they renounce Samsara!

The yogi knows everything that happens is done by God according to His will and plan. Brahman is the doer! Furthermore, our lives play out according to our destiny ordained by the Divine. The yogi understands their role in the grand scheme of creation is not to be actors but observant witnesses: mindful observing the divine play, bearing witness to the glories of God.

Having taken refuge in Shiva the dasa-yogi (servant) has humbly submitted themselves to Him and acknowledged Him as Lord. Having surrendered to Shiva politics is no longer the concern of the yogi. Shiva is in charge, Shiva is the King of the Universe, and everything will happen according to his command. Likewise, the Bhakti-yogi (Devotee), full of love and devotion to their lord, has no inclination to politics. The Dhyana-yogi (meditator), knowing that all of this is a dream, existing only in the mind, rises above such concerns, renouncing them as a sanyasin.

Abandoning politics really does make us feel lighter and deepens our relationship and connection to God. 

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