Reconstruction of Hindu temples in Andhra pradesh demanded by social activist Amma Kodaveti Jyothermai


Vijayawada: Noted religious leader and social activist Amma Kodaveti Jyothermai demanded the government to reconstruct the temples which were demolished during the Krishna Pushkaralu. 

In a press release here on Sunday, She questioned the government and the Chief Minister as where the idols are kept and how they are preserved. 

She demanded the government to inform all the Hindu community people where they would allot the place for the construction of the temples and when they would start the construction activity.

She further said that in the past we learned from the history that Muslim Kings destroyed Hindu temples, however, Chandrababu Naidu who belongs to this generation has demolished the temples is a criminal act. 

She said that the mother nature will not spare such acts and will repay in the same coin. Amma further demanded the government to treat all religions equally with responsibility. 

She said that only Hindu temples were treated as business centers and appealed to the government what they would do to the temples after the government is formed. __hans

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