‘Ramrajya Rathyatra 2019’ gets grand welcome in Ayodhya


Ramrajya Rathyatra 2019
Ramrajya Rathyatra 2019
Re-establishing Ramrajya and construction of Ram Mandir in Ramjanmabhoomi in Ayodhya are the two basic aims behind this rally started from Rameshwaram, said Shreeshakti Shantanand Maharshi The Yatra started from Rameshwaram on March 4 will reach Ayodhya by covering 12 states and 9000 km distance on April 14 on Ram Navami 
“O! Hindus!! Let us vow to re-establish Ramrajya on this sacred land of Bharat. Go ahead to bring back the lost glory to this great nation. Protect its Vedic culture and don’t stop till a huge Ram Mandir would come into existence in Ayodhya,” appealed Shreeshakti Shantanand Maharshi, National General Secretary of Shri Ramdas Mission Universal Society on Thursday. Ramrajya Rathyatra 2019 started on the day of Mahashivratri on March 4 from Rameshwaram has reached the city on Thursday at Shriram Mandir Ground near Shriram Mandir in Ram Nagar. The Yatra started under the guidance of Swami Krishnanand Saraswati, President Shri Ramdas Mission Universal Society with the support of all saints in the country and Hindu organizations was accorded a warm welcome after its arrival in the city.
Shreeshakti Shantanand Maharshi, a leader of Rathyatra discussed the five goals behind organizing the procession from Rameshwaram. He said, “This is not just a religious procession, but it is the alive temple of Shriram moving from Rameshwaram. 

In the year 2018, the idols of Lord Ram, Sita, Laxman, and Hanuman were taken out from Ayodhya through a similar Rathyatra. The yatra, when reached to Tamil Nadu, had faced a lot of protest from political parties like DMK, Muslim League etc. After one year, the same yatra was started from Rameshwaram and will reach to Ayodhya on Ram Navami. When it will reach to Ayodhya, the construction of Shriram Mandir will start there.” Maharshi stated, “This Yatra has not been organized by any political party or with any political intention. The basic aim behind this rally is to unite entire Hindus in India. 
The nation is witnessing a great divide between South and North India. British deliberately preached the wrong history and divided the country by preaching Aryans are outsiders and exploited Dravids, original residents of India. The Rathyatra aims to unite South and North India by re-establishing Ramrajya.”
Maharshi further demanded that the teachings, principles, and ideals of Lord Ram should be included in education. The government should declare Thursday as a day of weekly holiday in India instead of Sunday. British had started giving weekly holiday on Sunday because they had to offer prayers in Churches. In 120 Christian countries, Sunday is the official holiday while in 56 Muslim countries Friday is the official holiday. 

As per Indian culture, Thursday has been considered as a sacred day for Hindus, therefore, the weekly holiday in India should be on Thursday, he added. Maharshi also demanded to declare one day in the year as ‘International Hindu Day.’ Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal functionaries including Hemant Jambhekar, Sanatkumar Gupta, Govind Shende, Prashant Titare, Rajkumar Sharma, Sanket Ambedkar; members of South Indian organizations including, K Jagadeesan, S S Nair, Shibu Nair, Nagarajan, and Bhagirath Maharaj, members of Durgavahini welcomed Rathyatra and Sheeshakti Shantanand Maharshi. __thehitavada

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