Mahabharata Exam for Teens in Bangalore


Culture is what every generation of a country treasure of and is proud of, wants to preserve,
protect and propagate. Its passage is blessed by the previous generation and received with gratitude by the successive generations. It is, many times, abstract like electricity which can be felt and experienced but cannot be seen. However, this process is fast eroding since the last few decades, at an alarming rate which is disturbing.

The culture of Bharat is ageless and ever new. This culture, through its epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata - has been proclaiming the human values, the bedrock of this great nation. The contemporary challenges and worrying trends of trust deficits, family issues, materialistic disputes, harmful impacts on ecology, environment and the need for reinforcing patriotic values are best addressed through imbibing life values which are best conveyed through stories.

Bharatha Samskrithi Prathistana is launching a new initiative in 2019 for the teens to prepare for and take the Mahabharata exams at their place of residence.

This shall help in reaching out to a larger section of the society and spread the knowledge of Mahabharata among the future generation. Each registered participant will be given a book which forms the study material for the exam.

Two toppers in each center to get felicitation/prizes and toppers at Bengaluru City level get special prizes.

1. ELIGIBILITY; Kids Studying in 7th - 10th Std (Exam in English)
2. FEES; Rs. 200/- per participant (Book for exam included)
3. WHEN 23rd June 2019 (9:30 AM - 12:30 PM)


Bharatha Samskrithi Prathistana
No. 91, Dharmashri, Shankarapuram, Bengaluru 560004 Email: Name: Vinay Bhutani Phone: 9611925216 

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