Why Should I proud of being a Hindu ?


Proud of Hindu

Do you know what Hinduism, more aptly called Sanatan Dharma, says?

Tat tvam asi (Thou art that).
  • I am born in a Dharm which is the oldest religion in the Modern History of the World.
  • I am born in a Dharm having some of the oldest religious scriptures ever recorded in Modern History like Vedas and Brahmasootra.
  • I am born in a Dharm which could easily calculate the exact planetary position and time at least 5000 years Before (Non-Exist God Christ).
  • I am born in a Dharm which is 100% scientific and emphasize on the harmony between Nature & Mankind.
  • I am born in a Dharm which clearly specifies the Purpose of Life and how to attain that Ultimate Goal.
  • I am born in a Dharm where we worship only one supreme entity that is Parabrahma and not 33 Crore Devi Devta.
  • I am born in a Dharm which believes in Spiritual and Soul satisfaction rather than material richness.
  • I am born in a Dharm, only which says every single creature in the Universe is a tiny part of that Ultimate Personality that is Parabrahma.
  • I am born in a Dharm where Shakti is always worshipped before Shiv. As you all have heard every time Bhawani-Shankar, Laxmi-Narayan, Radhe-Shyam, Sita-Ram. No one can come before Shakti.
  • I can write and write and write and still not able to do justice about Sanatan Dharm.

It is not Hindu it is Sanatan Dharm and to define Sanatan Dharm in two lines:

All those deeds and activities done by a soul to reach its Final Destination that is to attain Moksha (Nirvana) is Dharm! And +proud would be an understatement. __Madhav Balu Chowdary

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