Why Article 28, 29, 30 of the Indian Constitution, should be removed

Article 28, 29, 30 of Indian Constitution, should be removed or amended. 

Article 30 of the Indian Constitution is biased in nature and inhuman. There is discrimination against Hindus in it. Every Hindu must read and study it. 

Hindu's hands and legs are tied according to it. According to it Hindus cannot open and run their education institute as freely like other minorities. They cannot teach their religious subjects like Bhagavad Gita & Ramayan etc . whereas other minorities like Muslims and Christians can teach their religious subject like Quran, Bible etc. Even according to it Hindus cannot run & control their religious organization like temples government controls the management of  Hindu Religious Organization, Temples etc. while the same condition is not applied to other minorities they and run, control and manage their Religious Organizations like Mosques, Churches etc.
The government imposes a tax on Hindus Temples but gives financial aid to Minority Religious Organizations like Mosques, Churches etc. The government gives aid to Madrasa but the same thing is not applied to Sanskrit Vedic Schools and Hindus Religious Institutions.
These are things are biased in nature against Hindus. Hindus should be united and jointly protest it. They should raise voice against it. In India, Minorities are given special & extra benefits and facilities as compared to Hindus. This thing should be avoided. Hindus are discriminated in India.  

As per my knowledge, India is the only country in the world or globe where majority communities like Hindus are discriminated and treated worse than minorities. Due to the vote bank politics and policies of various political parties, Hindus are neglected and other minorities except Hindus are given more preferences. 

Please spread and share this message to as many as people you can by all electronics and other means.

Behold India, the only Secular Country in the world where:
  1. Quran can be taught in Government schools, but if you want The Vedas and Geeta be taught, you are communal.
  2. You have to pay tax to go Amarnath, but if you go for Haj, you get a subsidy.
  3. There are 4 hostels exclusively for Muslims in Calcutta University on Government expenditure, but no such hostel for the Hindus.
  4. Muslims girls on passing board exam will get Government scholarship, but not Hindu girls.
  5. Muslim students get the monetary benefit on obtaining 50% marks in Primary education level, but Hindu students don't get the benefit even on scoring 95% marks.
  6. There are arrangements for special interest-free loans for Muslims, not any such for Hindus.
  7. Temples will pay revenue on their income, but no Mosques or Churches need to pay tax on their income.
  8. If you fight for the cause of protection of dogs, cats, goats or other animals, you are an animal lover. But if you take up the cause for the protection of cows, you are communal for sure!
  9. You will also be called communal if you chant Bharat Mata ki Jai! But if you chant Pakistan Zindabad openly on the streets, it's your freedom of speech!
  10. M. F. Hussain can draw nude pictures of Saraswati, communists can call Goddess Durga a sex worker because Hindus are Secular, but if you speak a word against Prophet Muhammad, there will be riots!!!
We have to spread this length and breadth of India and we should force the Govt to bring amendments

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