How to Save Bharat from Islamization?


How to Save Bharat from Islamization?
In its 1400 years of existence, Islam has killed and converted more than 500 Million people in Bharat (greater India including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, some other parts of Central and South East Asia.) Islam has killed more than 1.5 Billion people worldwide till date in these 1400 years across the world if you count the number of people killed in all the wars caused by Islamic conquest, terrorist attack etc. which were directly influenced by Quran and Mohammad. The distant 2nd and third are the ideologies of Communism and Hitler’s fascism.
Communism killed around 500 Million people since its existence(including killings by Stalin, Mao, and Communist terrorists) and Hitler caused around 200 million deaths (including those in the World War 2).
Islam has killed more than 1.5 Billion people worldwide till date in these 1400 years across the world
Islam has killed more than 1.5 Billion people worldwide till date in these 1400 years across the world
So, the first target is Islam. Removing Islam does not mean killing Muslims. I am shocked to see the shameful thoughts and bigotry of some so-called secular Indians below. 
  • Does Secularism mean allowing a hateful ideology to propagate? 
  • Does Secularism mean letting the Indian democracy get slowly converted into a Sharia-ruled caliphate? 
  • Does secularism mean allowing murderous cults to follow their terrorist ideology freely? If Not, read on.
Now, that we understand that removing Islam from India and the world should be the first priority of every Human, be it a Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jew or even a Muslim who is not a terrorist, let us discuss more on how this can be possible.

In India, Muslims are a huge chunk of the population. Around 20% of Indian population is Muslim which means around 25 Crores or 250 Million. Persuading 250 Million people who believe in a particular cult-like zombie, to renounce that evil cult is impossible. This will require a huge effort and a very long time.

Step 1: The first step is for people to come out in the open and expose Islam, Mohammad, the killings caused by Islam and the violent Islamic ideology publicly. A lot of people will call anyone doing this as Islamophobes or Bigots because of the ideology propagated by the west to hide this open secret of Islam which preaches violence against its non-believers. Once Islam is exposed, again and again, every argument of Islamist apologists are demolished and it is established that Islam preaches violence and it has been preaching violence since 1400 years which caused more than 1.5 Billion deaths, there will be no more debate about it and anyone defending Islam will be considered supporting terrorism.

Once the above is done, the rest of the steps will be easier.

Step 2: Control the increase of the Muslim population and create a law for a demographic reversal to the post Independence level. The demographic share of Hindus was around 90% post-independence while that of Muslims was around 8%. Today Hindus are less than 78% and Muslims are close to 20%. Until Hindus gain the share and become 90% of the population again, an effective law should be created which limits Muslims to have 1 child while Hindus can have up to 4 children. Any Muslim having more than 1 child should be penalized and sterilized while any Hindu having 3 or 4 children should be rewarded monetarily. This should continue till the demographic reversal is completed. After the demographic reversal process is completed, maybe in around 30–40 years, a 2 child policy should be applied to everyone.

Step 3: Conversion from Hinduism or any other religion to Islam should be made illegal while Muslims who convert to any other religion should be rewarded with monetary benefits.

Step 4: Exchange Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh population with a Muslim population of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Step 5: All Islamists, Jihadis, Wahabis, Salafis etc. who directly support terrorism should be given the death penalty. All Kashmiri separatists and stone pelters should be shot dead by the Army. This itself will reduce the population of Muslims drastically in Kashmir.

Step 6: Create a Ministry of Indic religions where monetary support should be given to Indic religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism to preach to who were converted from these religions respectively. This preaching will be completely peaceful and take place in all Muslim areas.

Step 7: Declare India as a Hindu Rashtra just like there are 18 Christian Countries, around 30 Muslim countries, 6 Buddhist countries, and 1 Jewish country. All these countries, except most the Islamic countries, allow people of other religions to follow their religion, although the state religion is Christianity, Buddhism or Jewism. Only Islamic countries do not provide freedom of religion to anyone except Muslims. There was only 1 Hindu country i.e. Nepal which also become secular under influence of communism! India has to take the lead and declare Hinduism (including all Indic religions like Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism) as a state religion although people of other religions can stay and follow their religion.
The True face of Indian Media
Once all the above is done and Muslim population share is brought back to the post-independence level, there will be no more fear of Muslim dominance in India. Some of the measures like population control can then be made equal for all however Islamic preaching should not be allowed. People should be required to practice Islam privately. All symbols of Islam like skull caps, burkas etc. should be banned. Mosques should be administered by the state until Muslims. This should go on until Muslim themselves understand everything wrong about this religion and leave this evil cult.

To take all the above steps we need a really strong leader with an absolute majority. He will need the 3/4th majority in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha for 25 straight years. He will have to start with baby steps. As said earlier, the first step is to change the narrative of secularism to an Anti-Islamic narrative. The entire world needs to wake up now before it is too late. Learn from the history of 52 countries which were plundered and converted to Islamic caliphates. __Rajat Jatav

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  1. All is well said but one has to follow the constittion and the law of the land. For any correction - the 1st and foremost requiremnet is Hindu Unity - Support Campaign #69fifteen for Hindu Unity and Building A Developed India

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