Why Secularism is like cancer to India ?


The greatest strength of India is that Hindu are in majority. And till they are majority no Idiotic khandan, mullas can dare to stand up against constituent of India. The constituent of India is like principles, culture which is followed by Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist for centuries. Whenever our culture was in grave danger of extinction warriors like, Shivaji, Pratap, Sikh Gurus stood up to protect it. 

Hindu Citizens of modern India should know it is because of people like, Vajpayee, Modi, Shastri, Bhagat Singh, Savarkar, Tilak and many more, who dedicated their life for Hinduism, we still are the strength of India. Life of India is Hinduism. If there is no Hinduism then there is no India.

People say diversity makes our country great. I say Idiotic the diversity. There is no meaning to diversity in India. Diversity holds true because Hindu allows it. Hindus are treated as an outsider in their own land. We are treated like a second class citizen. Once former PM said, Muslims have first right on India’s resources. What other proof does anyone require more? Stripping Hindu of its values, mocking them for their culture their way of life, considering them insects.

There is no point in being secular if Hindus are always on the receiving end of criticism, violence.

Muslim Extremist:
India is secular only because Hindus, a peaceful community is in majority…Imagine what would have been the fate of India had there been majority Muslims…they would definitely turn India into an Islamic state and enforce Shariat instead of Constitution…

Muslims cry for secularism only when they are in minority…they will show their true colour when they are in Majority…see the situation of Kashmir now(88%of Kashmir population are Muslims).

We Should proudly say I am Hindu first, Indian second and not an Idiotic secular.

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