The Danger bells of Muslim Population in Bharat 💣💣

The Danger bells of Muslim Population in Bharat
The official is 25–30% Unofficially it is 35% and Christians Unofficially are 15% now. In fact, Hindus are Nearing to MINORITY in their own Country.
It’s 34.6 crore Muslims (22.8%) including 6.5 crores illegal Bangladeshi Muslims), in India (As of December 2018). Now we know that 2011 census data states that there are 15% Muslims in the country. But that data isn't 100% correct. It can be corrupted or undercounted or under-reported due to some reasons.

As from 2004, UPA government play politics of vote bank and not to evoke panic among other religious groups they show false census data.:

In Bengal:
  • Bengal has 35.2% Muslim population out of 11.2 crores and there is Illegal Rohingya Muslims. (Dec 2018) Which is 3.87 Crore,, Now Growing at the rate of 1.37%/year (In Bengal).
  • In the state of West Bengal muslim-35%, Hindu 55% and other faith -10%
  • National statistics Muslim 30%, Hindu -55%and others-15 %.
In Uttar Pradesh:
  • Indian state UP (Uttar Pradesh ) has itself 6.4 Crore Muslim population out of 23.5 Crore state population and the (Growing at a rate of 1.36% in U.P)
In Assam:
  • Assam has 41.4% Muslim population including illegal Bangladeshi immigrants and Rohingya Muslims. Which is 1.46 Crore out of total 3.9 Crore total state population? (1.41% GR. In Assam). 
  • 11 out of 33 districts in Assam already has a Muslim majority & 4 districts are on their way to become Muslim Majority in upcoming 2-3 decades Because of high birth rate and illegal immigration from Bangladesh and Rohingya Muslims. Including Kokrajhar district where 2012 riots occurred. It currently has a 32.9% Muslim population.
  • Intelligence reports state that if the current birth rate and Bangladeshi immigration and Rohingya Muslims continues. Then Native Bodo Hindus will become a minority in Assam till 2040.
In Kerala:
Kerala currently has 33.2% Muslim population, 22.2% Christians and only 44.3% Hindu now. (as of Dec 2018)

In Maharastra:
  • Second largest populated state Maharashtra has 2.8 crores (19.8%) Muslim population out of 13.7 crore state population and (Growing at the rate of 1.30% in Maharashtra). 
  • And we still believe that Majority Hindus have lost the mark of the 80% in this century.
Come on man grow up, we are on a way to lose our mark of 70% in upcoming decades.
As Hindus population growth rate is 1.11% annually, the fertility rate is 1.4–1.8 children per women.
In the case of Muslims, the population growth rate is 1.37% annually,
the fertility rate of 3.5- 4.6 children per women. (average).

WATCH: Crippled with one leg, 17 wives and 84 children... Now you know why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.
  • At the time of the first census after Independence in 1951India had a large Muslim population than Pakistan.
  • Which was 3.7 crore in India and 3 crores in West Pakistan
  • Now interesting point here is that The growth rate of Indian Muslims was much higher than Pakistani Muslims in every decade. And now if Pakistan has a population of 22 crores Muslims in 2017.
  • Then how can India just have only 17 crores (14%) Muslims even if Indian Muslims growth rate is higher than Pakistani Muslims?
Didn't you ever question yourself that, If Muslims are only 14% in the country Then why all Pseudo Secular parties like Congress, Sp, Tmc are Crazy for Muslim Votes And ignoring 80% Hindu votes?
There must be some huge power in Muslim votes that's why all this parties time to time talked openly against Hindus just to appease 14% votes and ignoring 80%?
The vote bank we think 14% is actually more than 22% and at some places it more than 38%. Now comes to country's demographics leaving politics apart.

US Government itself believes that there àre more than 23 crores Muslims living in India (excluding illegal Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims alone).
  • If this high birth rate continues then in 2071 census, Total numbers of Muslims will be almost equal to Hindus in the country.
  • i.e 120 Crore Muslims and 128 Crore Hindus.
  • At first, it directly looks impossible. but It is not a myth or bogus imaginary data
  • It is a real fact-oriented data.
Take yourself a calculator and calculate.🔔

(In 2021 Take Muslim population 36 crores and Hindu 106 crore
  • Take a 1.35% decadal growth rate for Muslims and 1.09% for Hindus
  • Then directly multiply it as 36 * 1.35%= 48 crores will be the 2031 census Muslim population and 106*1.09%= 114.4 crores will be Hindus.
  • Now decrease the growth rate for both religious groups by 0.3% for every decade
  • i.e 1.32% for Muslims in 2031-2041
  • And 1.06% for Hindus for the same decade
  • i.e 47*1.32% = 60 Crore Muslims and
  • 114.4* 1.06% = 121.3 crore Hindus.(In 2041 census)
  • And 1.28% for Muslims and 1.03% for Hindus in 2041-2051.
  • i.e 60*1.28%= 77 crore Muslims
  • and 121.3* 1.03%= 125 crores Hindus.
(In 2051 census)

Decrease growth rate by 0.3% for every upcoming decade for both religions And the answer you get for 2070 will make your heart beat faster than normal so be prepared for it.)

Decreasing growth rate is because Awareness about family planning is increasing among every religious group and day by day people are getting more educated

They are making fewer infants compared to previous decades and population the growth rate is also decreasing among all religious groups decade by decade.

Including Muslims also but it is still very high than National average Growth rate.

Some will still say that 120 crore is an impossible thing to achieve.

But guess what guys, At the time independence they were only 3.7 crores in Country but now they have increased by 9 fold.

It was impossible in 1951 but they have made it possible now. So do you still think,

it is a really impossible thing to achieve 120 crore number not up to 2070 but till the end of this 21 century?
If the fertility rate and growth rate doesn't fall for every religious group then, In 2071 India will be home to more than 2 billion people. population density will also increase with it.
So fewer jobs, resources, poverty, health, and educational issues will rise with an increase in population.

Every religion growth rate is falling faster, even Christians.

Christians have actually a low fertility rate and growth rate compared to Hindus in India.

If we ignore Conversions, then Christianity actually shows a declining growth rate because of low fertility. But Not in case of the Muslim population.

India is on its way to see major demographic and cultural change in upcoming 3-4 decades.

Everyone knows this fact on some level but kept ignoring it even right-wing BJP isn't taking it seriously even if they are in power now.

To stop this demographic change in the country Uniform Civil Code must be imposed on every citizen of India. And the BJP to continuously hold power, bring the Uniform Civil Code and enforce a strict 2 children policy, if not a 1 child policy for every religious group.

Just because the past 1200 years hasn't turned India into Islamic yet, Doesn't mean that the next 70 years won't turn India into an Islamic Nation.

After all pew research organization of US already stated that Islam will be the Dominant religion of the world until 2070 leaving Christianity back.

No special Sharia or Manusmriti for different religions. Every citizen must come under one law!

__Kshitij Patil

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