Why South Indian Film Actor Kamal Haasan become Anti-Hindu ? working on anti Hindu agenda ?

He is confused man Actor Kamal Haasan an Atheist and being an Atheist is not a sin in Hinduism, as it’s welcomed as a viewpoint. This is due to Hinduism being a broad-minded natural system (dharma, not a religion). But, this atheist only questions the Hindu system or God which becomes a display of their disturbing nature. 

If they are atheist, they should question all religious system right! But they do not do that, they only target the peace-loving Hindu people, as they know if they speak about other religion, they will be in greatest danger.

So Kamal is anti-Hindu as he is a selective critic towards only Hindu religion for all the above reason explained. Such people are the threat to our nation, as they will systematically destroy our cultural heritage for their own benefit. They will take shelter of the language and play with sentiments of people to sell their concept. This was successfully done by the famous leader who passed away recently.

Additional note: if you are looking to understand his philosophy and vision, you should know this: he is a confused man who in his movie Anbe Sivam (one of his best works) talks lengths and breaths of good things about communism but is a big fan of the US politics and economy ( which obviously is running on pure capitalism) in real life. 

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