Reasons Behind Christian and Islamic Conversion Mafia Raise in India


How can we stop forceful conversion in India from Hinduism to Islam and Christianity?

5 Reasons for Religious Conversion:
  1. Marriage
  2. Suppression of Lower Caste by the Upper Caste
  3. Wealth and Greed
  4. Monthly remuneration
  5. for QUOTA and Scholarships
etc. are few of the reasons

1. Marriage: Hindus are converted vigorously into Islam & Christianity with this tool.

Story 1: One of a Friend of a friend of mine belongs to Hinduism, he was in love with a Hindu Girl (Lower Caste), both families accepted their marriage. But meanwhile, the Girl was in a process of mental conversion into Christianity by the church people. She got converted.

The girl conveyed the church that she needs to marry a Hindu boy, but if the marriage goes through the converted Christian Girl will become a Hindu again(by law in India). The church people began to mess with her mind, they said that the Church people under good will have conducted a background check. They started to portray the boy as a Bad person.

A situation now is that the Church people are OK with the marriage if the Boy converts. He is ready to get converted for the Girl he loved. 

Suppression by higher caste: Even today in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu there exists two temples and different religious proceedings for the higher caste and lower caste peoples (Also in North Indian). To escape this discrimination, most people resort to conversion.

Wealth & Greed: Most of the conversion in India is supported by Foreign Funds. believe me, Conversion is like a Money Chain Marketing. Convert more you get paid more. Most of the Old age homes, Orphanages & NGO’s are started just to avail this Funds.

Starting and Old Age Home or an Orphanage is not the major problem, by running behind people to admit their parents into the so-called Asylum is the major problem.

There are cases that after letting go their parents into these Old Age homes when visited later the children come to know that their aged father/mother is religiously converted or converted in govt. papers.

These people run behind Slum and Homeless peoples for kids in return for money. Their situation is very bad, Parents couldn’t afford their son/daughter meals 3 times a day. So, they trade off their kids.

1. Human trafficking, in Kerala previous year, it has come to light that the Mulsim Orphanages are trafficking kids from North and North-eastern India. It has made huge headlines in 2014. Both Christian/Muslim Missionaries are doing it, but there has been no News regarding it after those days.
Now even the Kerala Govt is rejecting that such incident happened

2. Retreat Centres and Missionaries: These people do whatever they want in the name of Religion, Illegal Land acquisition, Trafficking, Mining, Black marketing etc.

3. Kerala Communist party getting agitated by the exciting Christian Missionaries from Illegal Land Encroachments. What the HELL !!

4. Monthly Remuneration: The Christian Missionaries have a Clear pattern of Conversion. Clear steps to follow.
  • First, they find underpopulated, underdeveloped, illiterate area.
  • Encroach Land, Build small Church
  • Move a number of Model citizen families into the area
  • Show the people of their development and pleasing family atmosphere
  • Give financial and other aids to the locals
  • Attract children with freebies
  • Slowly they will call them to pray
  • Show them the inefficiency of Hindu gods
  • Request them to shun the Hindu Gods
  • Make them convert promising monthly remuneration
  • Encroach more Lands, Build, BUILD, BUILD!!
A friend of a friend of mine was awarded Bag and Laptops for converting himself. There is also monthly aid to the family for conversion.

5. FOR QUOTA and Scholarships

This is currently the Most Important Reason Other Religions are mostly not controlled by Indian Law, Christians and Muslims have their own Law which is recognized by India.

Christian/Muslim Missionaries, Organizations, Political parties conducting Public hate speeches
Most of the Certificates issued for the Christian/Muslims stating that they are Backward is by the FATHERS of Church and Muslim Religious Head. These are all FAKE and easily manipulatable. With this certificate, they are availing Grants, Quota & Subsidies.

This must be stopped !!

Many Stories and Many Reasons ………
The main answer of the Question with a Detailed background regarding the Religious conversion.
  • PASS a law with Strict rules of the conversion
  • Bring the Christian/Muslim missionaries under the scanner
  • Pass Strict laws for Old age homes & Orphanages
  • Scan the sources of foreign Funds and limit the same
  • Limit Subsidies/Quota for converted peoples, Subsidies only for financially backward peoples
  • Mentally converted Hindu Citizens are hiding for Subsidies and Quota(One such case in my present M.Tech Class, 2017)
  • Find them, Officially convert them !!
  • Create strict Rules regarding Religious Speeches, Hate Speech & Religious Propagation
  • Scan and locate all the Religious Centers
  • Scan and Locate Religion run Camps and Retreat centers
  • Ban VOTE BANK politics
  • Create a Hindu BROTHERHOOD within our community and HELP people in Need
  • By preaching our own Hindu scriptures in a most logical way.
  • By not marrying Christians or Muslims.
  • By spreading the knowledge of our scriptures to each and every Hindu.
  • By focusing more on our Hindu get-togethers and friendships and not just focus on making money and lifestyle which in fact is distancing the relationships in Hindus.
  • All our pundits should start explaining the rituals to the present generation and it should be logical ones.
  • Please comment Corrections and Edits, Follow Sanatana Dharma rather than Hinduism
By: Visakh C Parayil, M.Tech Green Energy Technology, Pondicherry University

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