How Missionaries Mafia are Entering to India?


Stop issuing Visas to foreign Church officials and known Missionaries:

Missionaries enter India using a normal visitor’s Visa which does not allow them to engage in any conversion activities but they still continue to do so since enforcement is non-existent and it is very difficult to follow every missionary. Thus the route can be plugged at source by denying visas to foreign Church officials and missionaries.
A little research by the Indian embassy or consulate in the foreign country can give them a lot of information about such organizations. Some of them are even school teachers who use their summer holidays to visit India for missionary activities.
In my opinion, laws of precedence and proactive anti-conversion campaigns are two untried methods to counter Christians especially the law of precedence if properly applied with the aid of an expert scholar, and can yield high dividends, and will hopefully put an end to both missionary and inculturation activities.

__Shankara S

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