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Saturday, August 04, 2018

What is Sixth Sense?

What is Sixth Sense?

The 6 senses:

प्रत्यक्षे करणं त्वगाद्यविरलाः षट्संख्यकाः देहिनां
पञ्चैतेषु बहिर्गतां न हि सदाप्यक्षीणरूपास्तथा।
षष्ठं यन्मन इत्यगोचरगतिश्चित्रं भवेत्तद्बहि-
र्व्यापारेण विनैव तुष्टिमतुलां दत्वापि नो नश्यति॥

pratyakṣe karaṇaṁ tvagādyaviralā ṣaṭsaṁkhyakā dehināṁ
pañcaiteṣu bahirgatāṁ na hi sadāpyakṣīṇarūpāstathā|
ṣaṣṭhaṁ yanmana ityagocaragatiścitraṁ bhavettadbahi-
rvyāpāreṇa vinaiva tuṣṭimatulāṁ datvāpi no naśyati||

There are 6 senses thro' which we perceive objects of the world. 
They are (according to Nyaya philosophy) eye, ear, nose, tongue, skin and mind. Among these the first five traverse outside and as age catches up they become weaker and weaker. 

But this sixth sense Manas whose tracks are untraceable, is not visible to the outside world, gives immense pleasure, and yet, is not destroyed or weakened at any point in our life.

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