Town Planning in Rigveda

Town Planning in Rigveda
Town Planning
RV 1.126
कक्षीवान् दीर्घतमस औशिज: । (6) स्वनयो भावयव्य:, (7) रोमशा, 1-5 स्वनयो भावयव्य:, 6 रोमशा, 7 स्वनयो भावयव्य:दानस्तुति: । त्रिष्टुप्, 6-7 अनुष्टुप्।
कक्षीवान्  जो अंगुलियों से कर्म कर के प्रकाशित होता है  कुशल उद्योगी skilled and well known for working with his fingers,  दीर्घतमस जिस ने तामसिकता को दूर कर दिया हो- आलस्य रहित one who is not lazy .औशिज:, उशिज का अर्थ है मेधावी , औशिज  उशिज का पुत्र और अधिक मेधावी.
Highly intelligent । (6) स्वनयो  स्वप्रेरितself starter भावयव्य: आत्मविश्वासी confident in his actions, (7) रोमशा a
mythological female always inviting , ready to participate in act of procreation – in context of an  engineer always hungry for new creative projects.

1.अमन्दान स्तोमान प्र भरे मनीषा सिन्धावधि क्षियतो भाव्यस्य | 
यो मे सहस्रममिमीत सवानतूर्तो राजा श्रव इच्छमानः || ऋ1.126.1 
  • अमन्दान –Persons with sharp perceptions
  • स्तोमान  - experienced known for their past performance
  • प्र भरे मनीषा - assign intelligent persons 
  • सिन्धावधि – to conceive of settlements by the sides of flowing rivers
  • क्षियतो – permanent 
  • भाव्यस्य – on grand scale| 
  • यो मे सहस्रममिमीत सवान – carrying out continuous planning
  • अतूर्तो राजा - without using force
श्रव इच्छमानः- listening to desires of all effected persons 
Subject here is planning of a new town ship by the ‘King’. Assign the task to intelligent persons, to plan a permanent town ship on a grand scale, with scope for continued growth, on the two banks of a river flowing through it. Take in to consideration the wishes of the people that will be affected by this planning and do not use coercive methods to enforce your will. 

2.शतं राज्ञो नाधमानस्य निष्काञ्छतमश्वान प्रयतान सद्य आदम | 
शतं कक्षीवाँ असुरस्य गोनां दिवि शरवोSजरमा ततान || ऋ1.126.2
Here the expert consultant assigned the task of town planning is acknowledging the facilities provided to him for the project i.e. 100 gold coins. Hundred good horses (for transport) hundred good oxen for hauling loads. King by such foresight and generosity earns his fame in history.

3.उप मा श्यावाः स्वनयेन दत्ता वधूमन्तो दश रथासो अस्थुः | 
षष्टिः सहस्रमनु गव्यमागात सनत कक्षीवाँ अभिपित्वे अह्नाम ||ऋ1.126.3 
 Further a work force of 1000 men, 10 horse drawn carriages, 40 horses, 60000 cows followed by 60 men are also assigned to the project.

4.चत्वारिंशद दशरथस्य शोणाः सहस्रस्याग्रे श्रेणिं नयन्ति | 
मदच्युतः कृशनावतो अत्यान कक्षीवन्त उदमृक्षन्त पज्राः ||ऋ1.126.4
Project in charge is to administer the organization with the help of this cavalcade of ten carriages drawn by its compliment of 40 horses, to supervise the progress of the work and smash the forces hindering the progress of the project. The horses and the other assets have to be maintained in good physical condition. 

5.पूर्वामनु प्रयतिमा ददे वस्त्रीन युक्ताँ अष्टावरिधायसो गाः | 
सुबन्धवो ये विश्या इव व्रा अनस्वन्तः श्रव ऐषन्त पज्राः ||ऋ1.126.5
The organizational hierarchy is prescribed to follow the pattern of 1:3: 8.
Top person is to be assisted by three deputies, each deputy to be assisted by eight subordinates. (Keeping in view the span of control, this is a typical structure of   hierarchy suggested by even the modern management experts)

6.आगधिता परिगधिता या कशीकेव जङगहे | 
ददाति मह्यं यादुरि याशूनां भोज्या शता || ऋ1.126.6
Progressive growth oriented policies, adopted by a nation enhances the prosperity of the people and also eliminates / punishes the disgruntled elements.

7.उपोप मे परा मृश मा मे दभ्राणि मन्यथाः | 
सर्वाहमस्मि रोमशा गन्धारीणामिवाविका ||ऋ1.126.7
Opinion of the women of the society- the housewives should not be ignored in all this planning of dwellings and households.   रोमशा  says that  planned housing should allow for future growth of families, population and business activities. गंधारी  wants aesthetics art and beautification should also be well taken care of in the entire planning. The ladies should not be considered as having a lower position in giving advice on these subjects; in fact planners should go and seek their advice.


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