Cow and Cardiac health Connection by Rig Veda


Cow and Cardiac health Connection by Rig Veda (These mantras from Rig Veda are also repeated in Yajurved Chapter 17 and describe the bounties of Cow's fresh Milk for human beings.)
  1. Sun's rays, are the main source as activators for Vitamin D. This is Nature's gift to human beings.
  2. The human heart operates continuously making heaving sounds like a bull to keep the human beings alive.
  3. Essential Fatty Acids EFA (ALA Omega 3 & CLA9 ,Conjugated Linoleic Acid ) are formed in Cow's Milk, by nature's action and cow's biological functions.   These promote human health by providing  protection from all self degenerating human diseases like, obesity, Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis & CAD (Cardiac artery diseases) etc.  (These traditionally known Vedic facts are now fully  confirmed by latest medical researches) 
  4. There are components in human blood which clean the inner walls of arteries that carry blood (Modern science refers to them as HDL ALA Omega3 lipids).
  5. Physical activities consume our body fats  and keeps humans intellectually and physically fit and healthy.
RV 4-58-1
11 वामदेवो गौतम: । अग्नि:, सूर्यो वाऽऽपो वा गावो वा घृतस्तुतिर्वा । त्रिष्टुप्, 11 जगती ।
ऋषि:- वामदेवो गौतम: सुन्दर दिव्य गुणों वाला उत्तम विद्यायुक्त विद्वान ऋषि पुत्र
देवता:- अग्नि:, सूर्यो वाऽऽपो वा गावो वा घृतस्तुतिर्वा

1.समुद्रादूर्मिमधुमा उदारदुपांशुना सममृतत्वमानट्‌।
घृतस्य नाम गुह्यं यदस्ति जिह्वा देवानाममृतस्य नाभिः|| RV4.58.1
Through the generous bounties of solar radiations, life giving and intellect promoting sweet elements are created floating in the fluids of the ocean which is there in the udder of cow. These components are invisible to our eyes. They prompt the articulate speech faculty that promotes in humans self motivated personalities. They  also ensure human health and wellbeing. The udders of the cows are the fountains, which provide the nectar of Milk as blessings from Devtas  for humans. 

2. वयं नाम प्रब्रवाम घृतस्यास्मिन यज्ञे धारयामा नमोभिः।
उपब्रह्मा शृणवच्छस्यमानं चतुः श्‌ृञ्‌गेऽवमीद गौर एतत्‌॥ RV 4-58-2
Wise men duly perceive and study the working and mysteries of the components of this lipid system, which is digested by our body from our foods, milk and its products. These in turn operate through the human hearts that indeed operates constantly heaving like a "Bull" incessantly making heaving sounds. This makes human   life possible (though cardiac systems).

3.चत्वारि शृञ्‌गा त्रयो अस्य पादा द्वेशीर्षे सप्त हस्तायो अस्य।
त्रिधा बद्घो वृषभो रोरवीति महो देवो मर्त्यां आ विवेश॥ RV 4-58-3
This has 4 horns, two heads, three feet, 7 hands. It is bound by three supports (Three shock absorber suspensions in human body). It is incessantly making heaving sounds like a bull is providing the life support to the human beings.
Cow and Cardiac health Connection by Rig Veda
PIC: 4 Horns -  2 right pulmonary arteries to right lung, 2 left pulmonary to left lung
        7 Hands -  3Right and 4 left pulmonary veins from lungs

 3. त्रिधा हितं पणिभिर्गुह्यमानं गविं देवासो घृतमन्वविन्दन ।
इन्द्र एकं सूर्य एकं जजान वेनादेकं स्वधयानिष्टतक्षुः॥ RV 4-58-4

There are according to veterinary science, three additional parts in addition to its digestive system  for the conversion of her feed in to milk. This mantra in Veda is talking about actions taking place in these three additional compartments of a cow for production of milk from her feed. Part one is acted upon by actions of solar radiation. Second part is acted upon by Indra and the third by Cow's own biological functions. Jointly their actions to create all , the  vitamins and enzymes that are  the nutritive  components in Cow's Milk and Curds. These constituents of Milk and Curds the fatty constituents are not visible to our eyes.

(Veterinary science tells us that cow is a rumen animal.  There are three extra compartments in the body of a cow. Milk is produced by the actions of these three compartments- rumens- by processing the feed which cow consumes.
(Biochemistry terms these actions as photosynthesis, electrochemical and biological actions of cow's body that provide the colloidal suspension of casein micelles, globular proteins & lipoproteins in milk & curd form.)

The cow has four stomachs and has a special way of eating . Its' digestive system allows it break down the tough  food it eats.

  1. cow swallows food
  2. unchewed food goes to RUMEN and RETICULUM
  3. cow stores food in RUMEN and RETICULUM
  4. cow is now tired and rests
  5. when she is hungry gain she will cough up some unchewed food (called cud!)
  6. it will chew it completely and swallow it again
  7. the cud goes to OMASUM and  ABOMASUM
  8. in  OMASUM and  ABOMASUM food is fully digested
  9. some of the digested food goes into blood
  10. from blood it gets to the UDDER
  11. Yap, that's how we get milk!!!!

5.एता अर्षन्ति हृद्यात्‌ समुद्राच्छतव्रजा रिपुणा नावचक्षे।
घृतस्या धारा अभिचाकशीमि हिरण्ययोवेतसो मध्य आसामË……5…… RV 4.58.5
From (human) heart emanates the ocean of  thousands of  warm streams (of blood) which carry in them golden colored particles  shaped like bamboo plants (cholesterols), to fight the forces of diseases and self-degeneration   in  the  human body.

(Cholesterol as seen under laboratory microscope are said to look like golden colored small elongated particles)
6.सम्यक स्रवन्ति सरितो न धेना अन्तहृदा पूयमानाः।
एते अर्षन्त्पूर्मयो घृतस्य मृगाइव क्षिपणोरीष माणाः॥6|| RV 4.58.6
Uniformly flowing Streams (of blood) in the (human) heart system uniformly in natural manner  are like streams of light fluid, not thick-viscous and heavy, but like water, having the agility of a deer, which with its agile active operation  provides  for  cleansing and purifying action in human body for its physical & mental well 
being of humanity. 
7. सिन्धोरिव प्राध्वने शूघनासो वातप्रमियः पतयन्ति यह्वाः।
घृतस्य धारा अरुषो न वाजी काष्ठी भिन्दन्नूर्मिभिः पिन्वमानः॥7|| R.V. 4.58.7
There are components of lipids which in red blood stream perform scavenging speedy action on the edges of their paths (the linings)  of blood arteries to speed up the flow and  maintain the blood pressure measure to desirable levels.

 (This is a very clear reference to HDL-High Density Lipids, which keeps the arteries clean and unclogged) 
8.अभिप्रवन्तु समनेव योषाः कल्याण्यः स्मयमानासो अग्रिम्‌।
घृतस्य ¬ÖÖ राः समिधो न सन्तु ता जुषाणो हर्यति जातवेदाः॥ RV4.58.8
These lipid particles act like fuel in the physical activities which bring forth healthy cheerful states of temperament. Good exercise burns this fat to provide total mental & Physical fitness.
9.कन्याइव वहतुमेतवा उ अङ्‌ज्यङ्‌जाना अभिचाकशीमि।
यत्रा सोमः सूयते यत्रा यज्ञो घृतस्य धारा अभि तत्पवन्ते॥ RV 4.58.9
These lipids in conjunction with suitable foods with proper intellectual life styles of people engaged in their daily householder duties of performing various Yagnas. That leads to provide praiseworthy results, like maidens decorating to maintain their good looks thus engaging themselves in actions for achieving good   lives in desirable households.
10.अभ्यर्षत सुष्टुति गव्यमाजिमस्मासु भद्रा द्रविजानि धत्त।
इमं यज्ञं नयत देवता नो घृतस्य धारा मधुमत्पवन्ते॥ RV. 4.58.10
These lipids obtained from blessings of cows provide all the riches, bounties & health to wise people.

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