Why Hinduism Can't be Destroyed ? every person need know the answer of truth !

Why Hinduism Can't be Destroyed

It is the true culture of Indians in India. Many call it A WAY OF LIFE. It is not an organized religion like Christianity or Islam. It has no founder. It has no Pope. It has no hierarchy. Just a lot of scriptures. In Hindu scriptures, you are actually studying about the HISTORY AND CULTURE OF INDIA, like in 66 books of the Bible you are actually studying about the CULTURE AND HISTORY OF JEWS.

HINDUISM are the mothers of all modern religions in the world. BUDDHISM, SIKHISM, to some extent JAINISM & ZOROASTRIANISM came from Hinduism. Of course, Jainism existed during Rig Vedic Period. Statues of Rishabha, the first Thirthankara and founder of Jainism was found in the Mohenjadaro, Harappa excavations. ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY came Judaism. ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY came from Judaism. Judaism, Islam and Christianity have ABRAHAM as the common father figure. All three have many common prophets. There is even mention about Jesus Christ many times in the Koran.

HINDUISM CANNOT BE DESTROYED, EVEN IF WE BURN EVERY HINDU SCRIPTURE ON EARTH AND KILL EVERY HINDU THEOLOGIAN ON EARTH. Hinduism or Hindu Culture is a very dynamic living, breathing Reality. Strength of Hinduism lies in its most amazing ability to adapt to different circumstances and different ages while maintaining its very strong continuity with the past..

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