Rig Veda Translaters

Rig Veda Translaters
Rig Ved
Rig Veda's main theme is basic knowledge covering a wide range of topics as concepts, qualities and characteristics of God, soul and Prakriti (the primary source of nature). It also covers the properties of the visible and invisible world, and some basic aspects of physical sciences as chemistry, physics, mathematics, astronomy, cosmology, etc. It also contains human ideals and principles to be adopted in all walks of life. In words of Sayana, Rig veda contains nature, properties and activitiesof all types of materials, i.e., physical, metaphysics and spiritual.

Rig Veda is the largest veda in terms of language content. It has 10 Mandals; 1028 Suktas; and 10581 Rik Mantras. In the last century, many books have been published on Rigved including the Mool (main sanskrit text), Bhashya (translations), Teeka (commentary) and Vyakhya (descriptions) on the whole or part of the Veda.

Rig Veda Translaters Table:

 Sr No Title Author Publisher, Place Language
 1Rig Ved Samhita Rishi Adi Sanvalita Vedic Yantralayastha PanditairBahu samhita anusaaren sanshodhita)Vedic Yantralaya, Ajmer, 1919 AD Sanskrit
 2 Rig Ved Samhita Swami Jagadishwaranand Sarawati Govindram Hasanand, Delhi Sanskrit
 3Rig Veda Bhasyam Maharshi Dayanand (upto 7th Mandal, 61st Sukta, 2nd Mantra) - Rest by Acharya Vaidyanath Shashtri Govindram Hasanand, Delhi Hindi
 4 Rig Veda Bhasa Bhasyam Jaidev Sharma Vidyalankaar Arya Sahitya Mandal, Ajmer Hindi
 5 Rig Ved Bhasya Bhama Muni Parivraajak Vedic Yantralaya, Ajmer Hindi
 6Rig Ved (1st Mandal)  DeenBandhu Ved Shashtri Kolkata Bengali
 7Rig Ved Tamil Anuvaad  M R Jambu Nathan 1978 AD Tamil
 8 The Rig Veda Samhita Satyakaam Vidyalankaar Ved Pratishthan, Delhi English
 9 Rig Veda Pandit Dharam Dev Govindram Hasanand, Delhi English
 10 Rig Veda Bhasya Arya Samaj Jamnagarhttp://www.aryasamajjamnagar.org/
 11 Rig Veda Bhasya Darshan Yog Atatched as below Gujarati

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