Prayer to Agni-- the Fire God - Translated to English

Prayer to Agni-- the Fire God - Translated to English

Prayer to Agni-- the Fire God...

I magnify the Lord, the divine,
the Priest, minister of the sacrifice,
the offerer, supreme giver of treasure.

Worthy is the Lord to be praised
by living as by ancient seers [rishis].
He makes present for us the Gods.

The Lord brings us riches, food
in daily abundance, renown,
and hero sons to gladden our hearts.

Only that worship and sacrifice
that you, Lord, guard on every side
will reach the heavenly world of the Gods.

May the Lord, wise and true offerer,
approach, most marvelous in splendor,
encircled with his crown of Gods!

Whatever gift you may choose
to give, O Lord, to your worshiper,
that gift, refulgent One, is true.

To you, dispeller of the night,
we come with daily prayer
offering to you our reverence.

For you are Lord of sacrifice,
enlightener, shepherd of the world,
who wax mighty in your own abode.

So, like a father to his sons,
be to us easy of entreaty.
Stay with us, O Lord, for our joy.

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