Women status in Hinduism

Women status in Hinduism
A woman plays a very important role in our society. A woman is the symbol of Goddess Durga. Man and woman are equal- Hindu scriptures says that. Here are some right and importance of a mother (collected from Hindu scriptures).
  1. "A child must always serve his mother even if she has been an outcast."
  2. "The professor is equivalent of ten teachers, the father is equal to hundred professors, the mother exceeds a thousand fathers."
  3. "All other sins are expiable but he who has cursed the mother shall never be liberated."
  4. "An outcast father may be forsaken, but not the mother, she is never an outcast to the child".
  5. "One conquers this world through respect for the mother, the middle religion (the firmament) through respect for the father, and through service to the preceptor one gains the region of Brahman."
  6. The mother and the motherland are superior to heaven. (Sanskrit-"Janani Janmabhumischa Svargadapi Gariasi" .)
 Vedas was seen(written) by many women Rishis. 

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