Be conscious about Love Jihad and Save your children


****Be conscious about Love Jihad. Save your children ****

Do u know what is love jihad? 
Well, some conservative Muslims make a trap and convert Hindu girls to Muslim.
  • A research says in Kerala they have already converted more than five thousands Hindus and Christan to Muslim. 
  • It is matter of shame being a Hindu majority country such kind of incidents happening. 
  • If Love Jihad continues, Hindus will fall into danger. 
  • Not only in India it is also happening in Bangladesh and Pakistan. 
  • A Love Jihadi make a false love with a Hindu girl and then marry her. 
  • Easily they can convert those girls to Islam. I request every Hindu sisters who are reading this post to be very conscious. 
I also request every parents to be conscious about this. Love is true, Shree Krishna teaches us it. But false love is a sin. I request everyone, where ever you from make consciousness about this in you country or region. Please share this post as much you can. Everybody should know this.

Jai Hinduism.

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