The Meaning of Sanathana Dharma?

What is the Meaning of Sanathana Dharma?
What is? An eternal law or the eternal way that needs to be followed to lead the life with peace of mind and to understand god and attain moksha after leaving this body.

It tells about Dharamanushtam which is only applicable for human beings. The Dharma keeps on changing every moment (day and night, by place, by surroundings and more) and the only thing that remains constant without any change is the lord (god). So, we as human beings should understand this, follow the changing dharma to get to unchanged dharma (god) by attaining moksha

As I said the dharma is only applicable for human beings and not for any other kind of animals, birds or any other. For all of these, there is only one dharma and that is Pashudharma.
pashudharmo namo preethim
As told by vyasa bhagavanudu (devi bhagavatam)

If they are hungry they eat food, if they are thirsty they drink water, if they feel tired they sleep, if they get angry they fight. They do not follow any other dharma.


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