Why we don't eat food during a lunar eclipse ?

Why eating food during a lunar eclipse can have a harmful effect on your body?

The lunar eclipse, which is also referred to as Chandra Grahan, holds religious significance for many Indians who follow rituals as per the Hindu calendar.

So, what is the ”logic” behind certain practices associated with the lunar eclipse among Hindus? The Hindus believe that the cycles of the moon have an impact on the human body. Renowned spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has shared his insights on his blog regarding this.

“The cycles of the moon have an impact on the human system, physically, psychologically and energy wise. During lunar eclipses, what would happen in 28 days over a full lunar cycle happens subtly over a course of two to three hours…in terms of energy, the earth’s energy mistakes this eclipse as a full cycle of the moon. Certain things happen in the planet where anything that has moved away from its natural condition will deteriorate very fast. That is why there is a change in the way cooked food is before and after the eclipse. What was nourishing food turns into poison, it is better to keep the stomach empty at this time,” Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has written on his blog.

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Temples also remain closed during the lunar eclipse and reopen only after conducting purification-related rituals.

The following recommends Do’s and Dont’s during a lunar eclipse:

1. Do not eat 9 hours before the lunar eclipse begins. One can drink water.
2. No meals should be offered to God during the pre-eclipse period.
3. Observe fast during the lunar eclipse – do not even take water.
4. During the lunar eclipse, prayer is the best activity to undertake.
5. Take a bath in cold water with one’s clothes on immediately after the lunar eclipse.
6. After bath, it is recommended that you offer a donation with love and compassion.

After the eclipse, it is recommended to not touch anything, any person or any personal item without having a bath with clothes on first.

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