Australian fashion label Soulan Zee urged to withdraw 'Ganesha Booty' protests from Hindus

Hindus have vented their fury towards Melbourne fashion label, Soulan Zee, urging the festival fashion wear company to withdraw clothing featuring images of Hindu deity Lord Ganesha.

A protest is being led by Rajan Zed, president of Universal Society of Hinduism over the offending clothing items, which includes a pair of womens "bootys" or high-waisted bikini-style pants.

The clothing is listed as 'Ganesha Bootys' and described as "Sexy high waisted boooootys! These are the ultimate item for festivals when it's so bloody hot and you want to wear as little clothing as possible. They can even be worn as bathers, as they are made of a two-way stretch lycra. Pair them with one of our boobtubes or diamond tops and your ready to disccoooo."

In a statement, Zed said the clothing trivialized Hindu deities and these sorts of incidents were disturbing to Hindus around the world. Zed is calling for an apology from Soulan Zee.

The news follows a similar incident when Etsy was forced to remove toilet seats featuring Ganesha's image following a furious response from India.

In Hindu religion, Lord Ganesha is the god of wisdom and learning as well as the remover of obstacles. He is worshipped universally, and needless to say, featuring his image on toilet seats and woman's pants were bound to offend.

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