Actress Alisha Khan has converted to Hinduism

Descendent of Ghazi Khan converted to Hinduism Recently, actress Alisha Khan has converted to Hinduism. Notably she is the descendant of Ghazi Khan upon whose name the town Ghaziabad was established.

Alisha has married in an Arya Samaj temple on the 17 th of June. She has married Love Kapoor and now her name is Alisha Kapoor.

The certificate of her marriage and conversation has recently became viral on the social media. According to Alisha, it was important for one of the two to convert to get married hence she opted to convert.

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She said that Love Kumar has been her one true friend since 6 Years. When her own family deserted her, it was only him that stood by her. Alisha is working on a movie with Imran Hashmi in Aina movie directed by Vikram Bhatt. Recently her movie, My husband wife and dirty dancer has released.


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