What is Atma Vichara Meditation ?

Atma Vichara is a Sanskrit term meaning the procedure of investigating that we actually are, ourRamana Maharshi, in the 20th century. It is still extremely widely practiced by neo-Advaita motions. And it is still shown and also practiced these days by spiritual educators such as Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, and Mooji.
true nature. Atma Vichara Meditation is a kind of meditation that aids you to discover your pure being. This reflection has its origins in ancient Indian texts. However, it was maded popular and offered the western culture by
This reflection is based on the enigma of the “I”. It is the largest mystery of our lives. Who am I? This is the emphasis factor in this reflection. Going deeper and further in this reflection, you will see your pure self.
Atma Vichara Reflection – Self-Enquiry Meditation – Detailed overview:
  • You have to start this meditation in a location where you will not be interrupted. 
  • When the meditation area is all set, after that discover a comfortable setting. 
  • Your spine needs to be right. You could rest on the lotus placement. 
  • You have the option to lie down. Nevertheless, beware not to drop asleep. Or you can remain on a chair with your sin erect.
  • Now it is time to relax your body. Take deep and sluggish breaths. 
  • Beginning the leisure process from your toes. And afterward slowly breakthrough to your legs, stomach, hands, the upper body then to your head as well as a face.
When you are totally kicked back, you can start to contemplate the question “That am I?”. You have to feel who you actually are. You are not your body, you are not male or women, your are not old or young. Those are simply tags. Feel the significance of your true being. Maintain your ideas clean by asking on your own “To which does this arise?” every time an idea turns up. When there is a feeling showing up, simply ask on your own “Who is sensation (the feeling)?” or “Who is aware of (the feeling)?”. This method you are challenging your very own being to answer you.

The important things in Atma Vichara Reflection are to maintain concentrating on your real self. Do away with all the tags as well as see the light, your pure as well as best self. Exercise it until you obtain the recognition of your real self. When you are feeling prepared to obtain out of the reflective state, slowly bring your emphasis back to your body. When you are all set, open your eyes. Gradually begin to removal. And get up when you feel you are ready to.

Atma Vichara Meditation – Conclusions
Atma Vichara Meditation is difficult. Your sessions could get better with practice. Don’t provide up if you truly want to locate your real self. This reflection is the most effective self-investigative reflection. It could assist you to observe feelings hidden deep inside. It can aid you to uncover the magnificent light within you. Enjoy!

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