Laws of Happy Relationship

Laws of Happy Relationship
1. The law of similarity.
We always attract just such a person in your life who are in fact themselves. If you are not satisfied with your surroundings, look into his soul. If you think that you are lucky people, it is only because you are such a. So if you want to attract into your life worthy of man, become a man.

2. The law of cause and effect.
What we give is what you get. Consult with your partner the way you would like to see it (-one) treated you.

3. The law of love.
All of us: men and women who really need love. Love is acceptance, sincerity, tenderness, caring, willingness to give and take responsibility, reliability, unselfishness, generosity. And the more we display these qualities, the more we receive in return.
Such symptoms as fear, jealousy, dependency, manipulation, control, claims, accusations, destroy relationships, and nothing to do with love are not.

4. The Law of the word power.
You know what power words have. Words can heal, and you can kill. Be careful what you say. Labels, insults, accusations create a wound in the soul, which are difficult to heal. They have an irreversible action. Because at the heart of every person the child lives, experiencing fear of rejection. Be careful not to underestimate their ability to hurt him. Use the power of words only kind words, compliments, approval, support.

5. The law of trust.
Trust is vital for true love relationships. Without it, a person becomes suspicious, anxious and full of fear, and one feels trapped in an emotional, it seems to him that he was not allowed to breathe freely. Jealousy - it is the fear of loneliness, low self-esteem and dislike to him. Trust - is an essential element of true love.

6. Act sincerity.
People often assume that if you love someone, then it is all - in front of a life full of happiness. But in fact, love is not fixed, it looks like a plant that either grows and blossoms or withers and dies. It all depends on what we do with it. Sincere communication is similar to water without plants can not survive. Talk to each other about their desires, needs, their attitudes and feelings. Let us know your partner that you love him and appreciate. Never be afraid to say the three magic words: "I love you." Do not take a good attitude to you as a matter of course. Talk about your feelings, do not be afraid to praise partner. Sincere praise is like the sun for the plants, will breathe new life into your relationship. Because each of us is the inner child, which is vital to the approval and adoption.

7. Act of donation
Love - means to give a part of yourself, without payment and reservations. If you want love, you only need to give it. And the more you give, the more you get more. Love is like a boomerang, it always comes back. It may not always be on the person to whom you gave it, but it still comes back to you. And will return a hundredfold. It is important to remember that love, we reserve the unlimited. We do not lose it when we give. And the only way to lose love is within us - it does not give it to others.
One of the reasons why people rarely experience love, - they are waiting for their first fall in love with someone else. But it looks like a musician who says, "I'm going to play music only when people start to dance." Or wait for the heat from the fire is not put there firewood. True love is unconditional, it asks nothing in return. It does not tolerate barter. The secret formula of happy relationships for life is to always pay attention not to what you can take, and what you can give.

8. The law touches.
Touch - is one of the most powerful expressions of love, break down barriers and strengthening relationships. Touch the person - is to touch his soul. Maybe that's why, when we hurt someone, we say: "Do not touch me!"
Often hug a loved one just like that, without a sexual motive, hold hands. The researchers conducted an experiment in a clinic in London. Chief surgeon usually visited each of his patients in the evening before surgery, to answer questions and explain the general nature of the operation. And during the experiment, the surgeon holding the hand of each patient the few minutes that he was talking to him. These patients recovered three times faster than the others.
When we care to touch someone, change ours, and physiology - reduced levels of stress hormones, relaxes the nervous system, improves the immune system, emotional state. There is an opinion, if we do not embrace the day 7-8 people, we are doomed to disease. Touching, like nothing else, speaks eloquently to us of the manifestation of love.

9. The law of freedom.
If we love someone, you should give him his freedom. Free make their own decisions, free to live as he wants, not the way we want. Each of us need our personal space. People need to be free in the relationship, because otherwise they feel trapped. If you really love someone, you have to respect his wishes and needs.
It is not always easy to let go to the freedom of the one you love, but no other way. Beliefs wisdom tells us, the more freedom we give to another, the closer he is to us.

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