Intimate knowledge of the rituals

Intimate knowledge of the rituals in the life of every person there are special days, requiring the fulfillment of certain rituals (Samskaras). 
It - birthday, wedding, the day of conception, birth and date of death. Many centuries ago, when the territory of the Vedic Russia came the conquerors, intimate knowledge of the harmony of life become destroyed, and forcibly implanted fundamentally wrong rituals and ceremonies, allocating the human soul from God.

For example: 
• The celebrations never held on Saturday, because the Sabbath - a special day, which is controlled by Shani - the Lords of Karma. Saturday is for penance, purification procedures, but not for fun.

• The most auspicious days for weddings - this Thursday (day of Jupiter, the ruler of knowledge, children and wealth) and Friday (the day of Venus, control by love, family happiness and beauty).

• It is wrong ritual - stealing the bride at a wedding, to sweep the money from the floor, to marry a pure white dress or blow out the candles on a cake at birthday.

• Also, for centuries his birthday person did not accept gifts, and ... away! It is believed that the more a person handing out the gifts on this special day for him, the more cleansed of karmic debts, and thus becomes a happy person!

• In addition, there is a particular practice is associated with a solarium, a well-known celebration of the day of his birth and to the special procedures, 12 days after that to the next life cycle was successful.

• To conceive the couple also prepared well. They were engaged in yoga, jogging, exercise, adhere to a certain diet, a lot of praying to attract the moment of conception in the life of his family a pious soul. Day conception chosen astrologer, it was supposed to be auspicious lunar day and the coincidence biorhythms husband and wife.

• The process of carrying a child, the birth and the month after that - also has a huge role! The harmonious, healthy physically and spiritually, a woman during the birth of the baby felt no pain and fear and ecstatic states, which displays her consciousness beyond material reality and partake of spiritual vibrations. Therefore, women are not afraid to give birth. The man was not present at birth, he defended the actions of the special exterior rear that dark forces are not getting to the woman in labor and delivery to be safely.

• Also interesting is the ritual of copulation love of man and woman. Kama - sense gratification - is one of the four goals of human life. Therefore, the spouses of antiquity were not alien to the love of the game, but the preparation for it and intimacy differed from the modern intercourse. Because through the love affair the man and woman do not just satisfy your feelings, but reached the sublime, divine, states. Maria Manisha

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