What is Gonorrhea and Natural Remedies for Gonorrhea

Natural Remedies for Gonorrhea
Gonorrhea, a commonly transmitted sexual disease infects males & females. It is gonorrhea Symptoms hard in identifying results stubborn response to its treatment contagious bacterial infection caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

Primarily it affects sexual organs of both the genders. Gonorrhea infection spreads through sexual contact that involves your mouth, vagina or penis.

Moreover, causes of gonorrhea also infect tissues & parts of your body that include your mouth, throat, eyes or the anus.

This contagious disease can spread from body to body contact. At present, there is no gonorrhea cure. Symptoms of gonorrhea are difficult to identify & this is the reason for its stubborn response to treatment.

You’re at a greater risk of getting HIV infection once infected with gonorrhea. During childbirth, an infected woman can transmit gonorrhea to the newborn child.

Know the Causes of Gonorrhea
Gonorrhea usually infects through a sexual activity involving oral or anal sex. In women, gonorrhea symptoms are more visible and thus they are easy to diagnose when they suffer from gonorrhea.

Here are some prime causes of gonorrhea:
  • Performing oral sex with an infected person
  • More than one sex partner
  • Anal intercourse
  • Unhealthy sexual behavior & lifestyle
  • Drug abuse
  • Contact with people with no active infections or symptoms
  • Gonorrhea causes do not include toilet seats or swimming pools. There is also a misconception that you have to abstain from sex once you or your partner gets infected.
Who Identify Gonorrhea Symptoms:
You can get gonorrhea signs within four to five days once you get infected. If you have had gonorrhea infection in the past there is a chance that symptoms for gonorrhea may reappear.

List of common gonorrhea symptoms:
  • Increase in vaginal discharge
  • Urination urgency/frequency
  • Burning sensation & pain during urination
  • A sore throat
  • Tenderness & swelling of testicles
  • A white, yellow or green penile discharge

Natural Remedies for Gonorrhea:
Simple natural & home remedies are becoming popular with people because unlike modern medications they do not cause any ill effects & help in rendering sustained relief from gonorrhea.

Although there is no gonorrhea cure, the natural & home remedies presented here help in gonorrhea treatment, are easy to use, effective, safe & more viable.

Tea tree oil is among the effective home remedies for gonorrhea. Apply three drops of tea tree oil diluted with coconut oil or water on a tampon (prior to its users).
Fill a bowl with fresh plain yogurt & dip a sterile tampon into it. Make use of two separate tampons and use each once for two consecutive days. If symptoms still persist continue this treatment until you get substantial relief.
Gonorrhea can be treated naturally by applying apple cider vinegar after diluting it in plain water or coconut oil, directly to the vagina.

Garlic is beneficial among home remedies for gonorrhea & a natural antibacterial that contains many components that fight bacteria effectively. Include garlic in your diet & for non-vaginal infections, apply a paste prepared from garlic directly to the affected area.

Mix a single tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in four and a half standard cups of water. Make use of this solution while showering two times daily.

Although there is no gonorrhea cure, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and including fresh vegetables & fruits in your diet can help. These approaches help build a strong immune system to fight off infections that include gonorrhea.

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