Life according to the Vedas

Primitive or animal family 
When a man and a woman enter into family relations with a view to satisfy your senses, enjoy each other legally. These people completely lacking understanding of a sense of duty. In this family, love - is sex. If the partners have sex, the family may exist. If a partner ceases to excite and please, the people say that love has passed, and often, this is grounds for divorce.

Selfish family
Members of this family are fixated only on themselves, they live only interested in his family. This family is doomed to develop the qualities of greed, anger, resentment. People are dragging all the house work for the sake of things in the house was more to living conditions have been better to have an abundance of delicious food. But joy and true happiness in a family is not. Why? If people do not share their abundance, are not invited to the guest house, the atmosphere in the house becomes a very musty, it begins to flourish vice. It is believed that that pious family, which once a week invites guests food treats. Everything is derived from poor families only when guests come, when we have someone treat, something from the soul share.

Family of patience
In such a family, a lot of difficulties, but the spouses are able to tolerate and forgive each other. Family patience to understand that when all is well - that's fine, but when difficulties - this is also normal, the couple they were not avoid and do not diverge, they know the ups and falling down - of course in the development of that complexity only strengthen the family and reinforce the love . They strive to help each other overcome difficulties and to cultivate good qualities, support, help, etc. Only this time the family can call family.

Family debt
Higher type of family. The couple take on older children and transmit the family tradition, knowledge and skills. They are concerned mainly about the spiritual wealth of future generations. Family - this is the place where a person learns to think creatively and develop talents. This family is interested in is to create conditions for their children so that they can realize their destiny, that they develop creative thinking, became pious and successful people on their own, taking advantage of the wealth of family traditions and principles acquired from parents.

The family of the heart
The most a high level of family. Family heart is interested in helping other families. She lives in order to transfer knowledge not only their children, but also to others. For example to inspire your life on the evolution within the family members of the other families ... Remember that we are a family immediately, not when we were given a certificate of registration of marriage, the family, we just have to be. It does not matter what level of family relationships you are now, you can rise above. And the higher the type of family, the deeper and clearer relationship between the spouses, children and other relatives, the more her love, harmony and happiness. The Vedas | Ocean of Wisdom

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